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Analysis on the mistakes and rumors of food safety

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Type: academic report

Time: 10:00AM, April 20th, 2016

Place: Classroom 302, Science Building

Unit: Food Science and Engineering College

Reporter: Li Dajun, deputy professor

Main academic achievements:

He mainly teaches more than ten undergraduate courses, such as Introduction to Food Safety,Drug Residue Detection Technology ,Pesticide Residues and Quality Control of Agricultural Products,Professional Foreign Language,Physiology of Nutrition,Safety Risk Analysis of Agricultural Products and five Master and Doctor courses, such asNew Technology for Food Inspection,Infrared Detection Technology.

The reporter currently had three projects, hosted and participated in more than twenty identification projects, won five awards for scientific and technological progress, issued more than forty pieces of research theses and one teaching material.

Brief introduction of contents:

The safety control problems of the edible agricultural products run through the whole chain from the land to the dining table, and its complexity and information asymmetry inevitably will bring about people's cognitive bias or misunderstanding towards diet health, including recovered oil, lean meat powder,Hormone fruit and vegetable, organic green food, toxicity, hazard and risk, pesticide residue, Lack of standards and legislation, red meat cause cancer, weight loss and health, health and beauty products, food and sexual development and so on. All of the above mentioned things will be unscrambled one by one.

Date: [2016-4-13 11:07:20]Publish Unit: Technology Management Department

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