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Research on American scientific research system from the perspective of the cooperative research with American soybean processing scientists

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Type: academic report

Time: 9:30AM, April 19th, 2016

Place: Classroom 402, Science Building

Unit: College of Food Science and Engineering

Reporter: Yu Hansong, Professor/ director assistant

Main academic achievements:

With the degree of Doctor and professor, he graduated from Jilin University in 2008, and focuses on the coordinate researches on the soybean products processing in Mississippi State University of the United States. He was titled as a scientist of the national soybean industry technique system, the fourth batch of outstanding innovation talents and executive director of food society in Jilin. The research direction is soybean processing and comprehensive utility of accessory substance, he held national natural scientific fund with the twelfth five-year scientific support from the technology department in the recent five years. He has completed nine projects in various types including No. 948 project of the National Agriculture Department and major research projects in Jilin province. He won the first prize of Natural science achievement (one), the second prize (four) and the third prize (one) of technology progress and issued more than sixty pieces theses (twenty pieces have been selected into SCI and EI), copyright edit and two pieces for education materials, twenty-five pieces for application and patents.

Brief introduction of contents:

Based on the experience of the visiting and cooperative researches in North Dakota State University and Mississippi State University, he focused on the research on the system advantages of American science and offered reference for the national staff in science and technology department, while he also did research on the progress of American soybean processing technologies.

Date: [2016-4-13 8:54:46]Publish Unit: Technology Management Department

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