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Ginseng process and research development for the ginseng saponin

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Type: academic report

Time: 13:30, April 21st, 2016

Place: Conference Room in Inspection Center of Ginseng

Unit: Quality supervision and Inspection Center for Ginseng products in the Agriculture department

Reporter:Li Wei, deputy professor/ director assistant

Main academic achievements:

Li Wei, male, born in November, 1980, a Doctor of Medicine, vice professor and Master tutor, used to be a visiting scholar in The University of Queensland project in Australia and now, he is the academician assistant and director of the teaching and research section for Chinese Herbal Medicine Department. He is the fifth batch of top-notch innovative talents (three levels) and the first batch of scientific research talents in Jilin Province, member of the Chinese Medicine resources Institute of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, member of the pharmaceutical specialized committee and scientific distinguished commissioner in Jilin province, member of Chinese plant institute and pharmaceutical committee, focusing on the researches on pharmaceutical plant resources and bioactivity.

In recent years, he has issued more than ninety pieces of theses, among which, fifty-two pieces have been selected into SCI and quoted for three hundred seventy-nine times and presided over projects concerning the national natural fund, the post-doctor fund, and the provincial science and technology achievements transition fund. Additionally, he has won the third prize of the technology progress award in Jilin province, the first prize, second prize and third prize of the natural technology achievement, the first prize and third prize of the provincial technology achievement.

Brief introduction of contents:

1. Current condition for the research of ginseng process

2. Research Progress for the secondary ginseng saponins

3. Modern pharmacological activities of ginseng

Date: [2016-4-12 14:18:47]Publish Unit: Technology Management Department

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