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Development and application for Ginseng ingredients

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Type: academic report

Time: 13:30, April 20th, 2016

Place: Conference room, on the sixth floor of Chinese Herbal Medicine College

Unit: Chinese Herbal Medicine College

Reporter: ProfessorLi Pingya

Main academic achievements

Li Pingya is a Doctor of Medicine, undertaking professor and Doctoral supervisor in Jilin University, director of ginseng innovative drug development engineering research center and National Joint Engineering Research Center for ginseng innovative drug development. He has won the third batch of senior experts in Jilin province and honor of 2014 annual scientific Chinese. He was awarded theUndergraduate, Master and Doctor’s degree respectively from chemistry department of Sichuan University, Dr. Norman Bethune Medical University and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. He has undertaken science and research ginseng topic, and ten projects concerning National Science and technology in 11th Five-Year support program, National major innovative drug projects, Major scientific and technological research in Jilin province (double ten projects) and other scientific programs. Among these and twenty-two have won the invention patents, five has been the innovation medicine with ginseng which has been respectively research on the first period, second period and third period. While he has been the editor of Standard Atlas Monograph for Ginseng Saponin NMRand vice editor of Effect and Scientific Usage of Ginseng, issued more than one hundred and fifty pieces theses, among which, thirty-eight pieces have been selected into SCI theses. He has great attainments in the research of chemical constituents and biological activities of ginseng, the structure modification of ginseng saponin and the development of innovative medicine with ginseng as the base source.

Brief introduction of contents:

1.Studies on chemical constituents and biological activities of ginseng

2. The structure modification of ginseng saponin

3. The development of innovative medicine with ginseng as the base source

Date: [2016-4-11 11:08:29]Publish Unit: Technology Management Department

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