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Research and development for the technology and equipment of corn stalk harvesting

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Type: academic report

Time: 10:00AM, April 21st, 2016

Place: academic report hall of Engineering and Technical College

Unit: Engineering and Technical College

Reporter: Professor Wang Jingli

Main academic achievements:

Wang Jingli is a supervisor for candidates with Professor, Doctor and Master’s degree, also the leader of Agricultural Mechanization Engineering discipline. In recent years, he has held fifteen national and provincial science and development projects, among which, one has won the second price of Jilin Provincial Technology Progress Award, and participated in four projects of agricultural mechanization science and technology demonstration area. Additionally, he has issued more than twenty pieces of academician theses, seven books and educational materials, totally reaching one thousand six hundred thousand words, and also won sixteen patents. Provide for guidance for twenty-six candidates with Master degree and undergraduate to participate the mechanical innovation design competition and challenge cup, which have won three provincial awards. While he has seven courses for the undergraduates and he has been titled as the vice director of agricultural technology demonstration area in Zambia, assisted by China, vice academician of Engineering and Technology College, vice director of Engineering Training Center and so on.

Brief Introduction of contents:

1. Technology and equipment for corn stalk harvesting and relevant contents concerning the development condition in the domestic market and abroad

2. Research and development on the technology and equipment for corn stalk harvesting held by colleges and subject teachers and the work in relevant areas

Date: [2016-4-7 17:00:45]Publish Unit: Technology Management Department

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