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Academic report of the Outstanding Youth Scholars Series in College of Animal Science & Technology---Study on the delivery of avian necrotic enteritis vaccine delivered by the

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Type: academic report

Time: 13:30, April 19th, 2016

Place: first lecture theater, College of animal science and technology

Unit: College of animal science and technology

Reporter: Jiang Yanlong

Main academic achievements:

Jiang Yanlongis titled as Doctor of Northeast Agriculture University, Post-Doctor of Arizona State University, with cooperate partner of Roy Curtiss III, academician of the American Academy of Sciences, mainly focus on the development of novel attenuated salmonella, attenuated live vaccine and lactic acid bacteria vector vaccine. He has participated in six projects, including RO1 project of National Institutes of Health,NIH, National 863 project and National Natural Foundation and has issued nine pieces of SCI theses.

Brief introduction of contents:

It has been a long period for the research of using salmonella to be the carrier of the oral vaccine, but there are many shortages for the traditional salmonella carries, such as the shortage of virulence gene will cause the decrease of bacterial invasion force and the early presentation of antigen will weaken the invasive of the salmonella, thus lead to decrease the immunity effect. To overcome these shortcomings, we designed a new type of controllable delay induced weak, delayed expression, delayed cleavage type of Salmonella vector. When such salmonella start immunity, it will be featured with wild type, and then it will gradually be weaken after immunity and express the antigen. Lastly,the antigen will be released after host lysis. This carrier delivers the main protection antigen alpha toxin and Net B toxin for avian for the necrotic enteritis, induces outstanding immunity response in Dorking and offers effective protection, which lays foundation for the development of novel necrotic enteritis.

Date: [2016-4-6 11:07:24]Publish Unit: Technology Management Department

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