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JLAU Delegation Successfully Visited the Partner Universities of Japan and Korea

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From May 9th to May 16th , the four-person delegation headed by Mr. Xi Xiufeng,chair of unin council General Secretary of CPC committee of JAU had a friendly visit to Fuji University, Iwate University, College of Agricultural Life Science, Gyeongsang University and Chungbuk University. During the visit, the delegation had a full discussion with partner universities on scientific research, students’exchange and international cooperation programs.

In Japan, the delegation visited Fuji University and Iwate University. During the visit to Fuji University, the academic and student exchange agreement was renewed and the academic seminar was held. Since the two sides signed MOU in 2002, both universities have achieved fruitful results in the students’ exchange program. The renewal agreement aimed to continue the cooperation and strengthen the exchanges between the two universities continuously. During the visit to Iwate University, Mr.Iwabuchi President of Iwate University met with the delegation and had a cordial talk. The two parties cherished the relationship of the past 30 years and agreed that "friendship from generation to generation" was fully proved in the history of cooperation between the two universities. The delegation participated in the“International Symposium on Innovative Agriculture and Fishery’organized by Iwate University.

In Korea, the delegation visited the College of Agricultural Life Science of Gyeongsang University and Chungbuk University. JLAU officially signed the MOU with Agricultural Life Science Academy of Gyeongsang University in March 2009. The two parties successively launched seven sessions of Modern Agricultural Symposium. In the College of Agricultural Life Sciences of Gyeongsang University, the delegation fully exchanged views on scientific research cooperation,joint postgraduate’s training and student’s exchange program with the dean and the research team headed by Professor Kong Yigen, At Chungbuk University, Mr.Yun Yeo-pyo President of Chunbuk University met with the JLAU delegation and signed the MOU. The two parties introduced the development history respectively, the characteristics of running school, the structure of teachers, and the process of internationalization of education. Mr.Xi Xiufeng said that Jilin Agricultural University and Chungbuk University have a good foundation for cooperation. we hope that the signing of MOU between the two universities will be the opportunity to further strengthen the strategic partnership between the two universities.

During the visit, the delegation sent a sincere invitation to the partner universities for attending the 70th anniversary celebration. The delegation also visited the alumni of the two countries and appointed Mrs.Cui Sujing and Mrs.Cui Xiangshun as president of the Japanese Alumni Association and the Korean Alumni Association respectively.

This visit is to further deepen the friendly relationship with the Partner Universities of Japan and Korea, promote the university's educational achievements, explore new international cooperation platforms, expand cooperation and reserach fields and promote the internationalization strategy process.

Date:: [2018-5-24 18:08:00] Author: International Cooperation and Exchange Office

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