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The AGROCAMPUS OUEST Visit our University

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April 17th, led by Mr. Thibault Cassin from French Consulate General in Shenyang, the delegation from AGROCAMPUS OUEST visited our University. Vice-President Zhang Yuejie met with the delegation.

Zhang Yuejie introduced the current situation and characteristics of our university, hoped that both sides can further excavate potential of cooperation and officially invited the delegation to participate the 70th anniversary celebrations of our university. Thibault Cassin said that the Consulate General of France in Shenyang attached great importance to the cooperation between French universities and Jilin Agricultural University. The Consulate General of France in Shenyang will return to our school in September this year to participate the 70th anniversary. At the same time, on behalf of the French Embassy in China, Thibault Cassin invited our university to take part in the ‘China—French Environment Month’. Zhang Yuejie accepted the invitation and indicated that our university would do best to make relevant arrangements and preparations.

The delegation visited the Engineering Research Center of Bioreactor and Pharmaceutical Development, Ministry of education, Innovation Platform of Straw Comprehensive Utilization Technology of Jilin Province and other teaching and research platforms.

After the visit, Cédric Troadec, director of the International Office of AGROCAMPUS OUEST, and Marie-Bérengère Troadec, a researcher at the National Scientific Research Center of France, made a report entitled "the Importance of Agriculture in France", "the Risk and Safety considerations of Gene-Editing - the Application in Agriculture".

Date: 2018-4-19 15:38:00 Author: International Cooperation and Exchange Office

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