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Professor Dou Sen was Invited to Attend the 14th Australian Environmental Isotope Conference

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In order to promote and strengthen the international exchanges and cooperation, Professor Dou Sen was invited to the conference of 14th Australian Environmental Isotope in Wellington, New Zealand (AEIC) on March 26th--March 28th. There are over 100 people from many countries to attend the conference, and the topic of which is around the isotopic technique in the environment, ecology, agriculture and natural resources management, hydrology, geology, global change, the forefront of isotope chronology, and other fields of application and technical progress and hotspot issues, such as the three days of exhibition conference reports and the wall paper. At the conference, Professor Dou Sen made a report on the influence of different soil structures on the absorption of maize in black soil, which aroused the interest and concern of the colleagues.

Date:2018-4-4 16:44:00 Author: Huxin

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