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JLAU Delegation Visited Zambia to Attend the Tripartite Agricultural Cooperation Project Meeting

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Invited by the University of Zambia and the Department of Foreign Assistance, Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the three—person delegation, headed by Vice President Zhang Yuejie visited Zambia to attend the Tripartite Agricultural Cooperation Project Meeting organized by Jilin Agricultural University and sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) from 17th to 22nd March, 2018. Mr. Cao Jiang, Secretary of the Department of Foreign Assistance of Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Charles Songdashi, Director of Planting Department of Zambian Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Kauma, Vice Director of the Developmental Department of Zambian Ministry of Fisheries & Livestock, Mr. Enock Chikawa, Deputy Director of Agricultural Development of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr. Liu Dong, Senior Project Officer of Chinese Office of BMGF, Mr. Bensen Chisala, Dean of School of Agriculture of the University of Zambia (UNZA), Ms. Cui Wenjia Secretary of the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office, Chinese Embassy in Zambia, some representatives from Chinese enterprises in Zambia attended the meeting.

On behalf of Department of Foreign Assistance of Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Cao Jiang stated that the Chinese government attaches great importance to cooperate with Zambia in the field of agriculture, promotes the local agricultural development through the construction of Agricultural Technology Demon stration Center (ATDC) , sends a great deal of agricultural experts and technicians, and provides training for Zambia. Relying on ATDC, Chinese government, Zambian government and BMGF have made active efforts to launch the tripartite agricultural cooperation project, which all the parties have conducted a large number of field research investigations in the early stages and established good foundation for promoting the implementation of the project. It is hoped that all the parties should continue to work hard in order to push forward the implementation of the project as soon as possible.

On behalf of Jilin Agricultural University—the main implementation unit of ATDC, Vice—President Zhang Yuejie, reported the past work centering on the local village chicken breeding, feed processing, and edible mushroom production. He expressed that being the organizer of the tripartite cooperation project, our university will work closely with the other partners, strictly follows the requirements of the project and successfully completes the ‘To Support China-aid Zambia Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center to Achieve Sustainable Development and Technology Promotion for Small Household Farmers’, which benefits the small household farmers to increase their income and women employment, and makes positive contributions to Zambian agricultural development and modernization.

Mr. Enock Chikawa on behalf of BMGF, stated that in recent years, China has carried out many bilateral cooperation projects in Africa, which brought innovative technologies to the local regions and promoted the development of these countries. BMGF hopes that through the implementation of the ‘Tripartite Agricultural Cooperation Project among China, Zambia, the United States’, each party can give full play to its own advantages, which effectively promote the development of Zambian agriculture.

During the visit, Vice—President Zhang Yuejie had the working meeting with Deputy Vice Chancellor of UNZA, Prof. Mwase and discussed the projects of ‘Ji-Zambia Overseas College’ approved by Chinese Ministry of Education, ‘10+10 Research Institution Cooperation Project’ approved by Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce. Both parties reached consensus and expressed their full efforts to promote the implementation of the above projects as soon as possible. At the same time, the delegation went to Zambian Ministry of Fisheries & Livestock and Agriculture to have a further discussion with the officials from the above two Ministries on the related issues concerning the assignments of responsibilities of ‘Tripartite Agricultural Cooperation Project among China, Zambia, the United States’.

Date [2018-3-28 16:20:00] Author: International Cooperation and Exchange Office

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