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All Russian Williams Feed Crops Institute delegation visit our university

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On June 23, Aleksandr Kosolapov, Director of All Russian Williams Feed Crops Institute, and his delegation had a visit to our university. Vice President Zhang Yuejie met with them and signed a agreement with them on behalf of our university.

During the meeting, Zhang Yuejie introduced to the delegation about the basic situation and the school running characteristics. He stressed that with the constant advancement of China's "the Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, Jilin Agricultural University attached more and more importance to the exchanges and cooperation with Russian universities and scientific research institutions, looking forward to the substantive outcomes of cooperation and exchange with All Russian Williams Institute and welcoming Russian students come here to study.

Aleksandr Kosolapov briefly introduced the situation of All Russian Williams Feed Crops Institute, which was founded in 1912, and is now Russia's main feed production scientific research center, solving problems related to feed production in All Russian Institutes and universities. He also said that in the framework of the signed agreement, they hope to conduct more extensive and cooperation with our university in the field of feed and forage.

After the meeting, the delegation had a communication with the teachers and students of pratacultural science major from the College of Animal Science and Technology, and furthermore, gave us some academic publications published by the Institute as well as some perennial rye varieties.

During the visit, the delegation visited the Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science and Jilin Comprehensive Utilization Technology Innovation Platform respectively. The project leader of the International Cooperation Office of Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Department participated the visit.

Date: [2017-6-26 16:46:00] Author: International Cooperation and Exchange Office Zhang Ying

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