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The delegation of the 2017 Joint Conference of Confucius Institutes in Africa visited the China-Aid Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center in Zambia

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On May 18th, the 2017 Joint Conference of Confucius Institutes in Africa was held in Lusaka of Zambia on 2017. During the meeting, more than 40 delegates from Confucius Institute in 35 countries in Africa visited China-Aid Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center in Zambia.

During the delegation's visit, Professor Xu Rifu, the deputy director of Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center Aiding Zambia introduced the overall situations of the project, Agricultural technology demonstration, technical training, scientific experiment and sustainable development. The delegation also visited the laboratory, computer room, multimedia classrooms, edible mushroom cultivation shed and agricultural machinery equipments.

After the visit, the delegation expressed great appreciation for the accomplishments what the centre has achieved and hoped that the demonstration centre would be able to help to develop the agriculture in their own countries.

Issue date:[2017-5-24 16:02:00] Author:China-Aid Zambia Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center

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