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Buryat State Agricultural Academy delegation visited our university

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April 20th, the delegation, headed by Prof. Ivan Kalashnikov, President of the Buryat State Agricultural Academy visited our university. Chair of the University Council Prof. Xi Xiufeng, President Feng Jiang, Vice-president Zhang Yuejie met with the delegation.

Party Secretary Xi Xiufeng welcomed the delegation and briefly introduced the basic situation of the university, the advantages and the development of the discipline. He said Jilin Agricultural University attached great importance to exchanges and cooperation with Buryat State Agricultural Academy.

President Feng Jiang met with the delegation, introduced the idea and practice of the foreign students' education, international cooperation and exchange and shared the cooperative achievements between two sides.

President Ivan Kalashnikov expressed his appreciation for the achievements of our university in the construction of disciplines and international students. He introduced the Buryat State Agricultural Academy and the initiatives about foreign students education and cooperation with Chinese higher institutes. He hoped to take the visit as an opportunity to intensify bilateral cooperation and exchanges in education and scientific research efforts in terms of student exchanges and cultural exchanges and cooperation, to jointly promote the establishment of cooperative relations between two sides.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the College of International Education Exchange, Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Edible and Medicinal Fungi Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education.

Issue date:[2017-4-27 15:46:00] Author:Office for International Cooperation and Exchange

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