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Our university’s delegation visited Zambia

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As invited by the University of Zambia, our university’s delegation headed by the Vice-President Zhang Yuejie visited Zambia from April, 9th to 16th.

On April 9th, the delegation visited the Office of Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of the people's Republic of China in Zambia. Zhang Yuejie reported the purpose and task of the visit to the counselor Ouyang Daobing, and also reported on the construction and operation of the China-Aid Zambia Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center, which our university has undertaken on behalf of the Chinese government since 2009. Mr. Ouyang affirmed the achievements of the demonstration center, and put forward higher requirements and expectations for the next step of the work, the two sides had a deep communication and discussion about the sustainable development and the problems faced by the implementation of "three party cooperation project".

During the visit, the delegation also visited the Zambian Ministry of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Zambian Ministry of Agriculture and Zambian Ministry of Education. The delegation visited and researched the National Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center of Zambia, National Poultry Association, National Seed Resource Assessment Center, National Seed Research Institute, local chicken breeding enterprises and small household farmers.

During the visit in the University of Zambia, the delegation friendly met by the Chairperson, Caretaker Committee of Council Mrs. Namucana C. Musiwa, Vice-President Prof. Luke E. Mumba and Vice-President Pro. Erala T. Mwase.

This visit was laid a solid foundation to deepen the friendly relations between two universities, to expand the cooperative areas, to make an overseas educational institutions and the national-level international cooperation platforms of scientific research in Zambia earlier, to do well work in the autonomous operation period in ATDC and to achieve the sustainable development; to deepen the participation of the " One Belt and Road" national strategy implementation; to accelerate the "going out" steps of higher education and agriculture in our province, and for an early achievement of the “13th Five-Year” development plan in the former preparation of the internationalization strategy, which was raised in the Party Congress report.

During the visit, on behalf of the university, Zhang Yuejie greeted our resident staffs of the Zambia Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center. He heard the working report from Professor Bao Heping and gave him affirmative words, he was also asked suggestions for the sustainable development of the center from the staffs. They appreciated for the concern and trust, and agreed to work harder with more enthusiasm to meet the expectations. They would make greater contributions to the China foreign-aid career and to the sustainable development of the demonstration center.

Issue date:[2017-4-25 14:29:00]] Author: China-Aid Zambia Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center

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