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President Feng Jiang met the delegation of the University of Camerino, Italy

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On April 7, President Feng Jiang met the delegation of the University of Camerino, led by assistant director of the foreign affairs, the representative of collaborative running school program and other foreign teachers. Vice-President, Prof. Zhang Yuejie attended the meeting.

On behalf of the University, President Feng Jiang expressed warm welcome and gratitude to Professors from Italy. He said that the two universities had laid a profound friendship since 12 years ago. Now the cooperation has entered into the full coverage stage covering the undergraduate, master and doctoral training level in particular, which co-sponsored collaborative running school program has achieved good results. He hopes that the two parties can focus on the development of disciplines, student training, teacher exchanges and other areas of in-depth cooperation in the future. Professor Renato said that the collaborative running school program has made remarkable achievements. The University of Camerino would make efforts on improving the quality of personnel training and have better cooperation and exchanges in mufti-field.

The staff of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department attended the meeting.

Issue date:[2017-4-14 15:39:00] Author:Office for International Cooperation and Exchange

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