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Our university’s delegation visited the United States and Canada’s Universities

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Recently, as invited by Washington State University, the University of Tennessee and the University of Guelph, our university’s delegation headed by Professor Qu Zhengwen, Assistant to President visited above universities

In Washington State University(WSU), the delegation had an in-depth talk with the Vice President, Director from International Affairs Office and other relevant departments about joint-work between two universities on agricultural related fields including students’ exchange, teachers’ training, scientific research cooperation, etc. The two sides signed the MOU, the contents of which are to sending middle and long-term professional teachers to visit the university, joint training of undergraduate students in agriculture related majors, exchange of graduate students, etc.The delegation also had an effective contact with the Plant Pathology Discipline, and received a warm welcome from chairman of the American society for plant pathology, Dean of the College of plant pathology of WSU, Professor Timothy D. Murray and his team. Both sides have reached a preliminary intentionof scientific cooperation and joint-training graduate students in the future. During the visit, the delegation had a friendly communication with some of our excellent alumnus, Dr Zhang Zhiwu, Dr Shen Hongyan, etc.

The University of Tennessee(UTK) is the flagship university of Tennessee university system in the United States. They have 20 disciplines in the world top 100. Biological engineering and agricultural engineering are among the Top 20 in the US. During the visit in UTK, the Delegation received a warm welcome by the Vice President John P. Zomchick, and together with theAssociate Provost Pia Wood,Dr. John C. Stier, Associate Dean of the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, both universities had a communication about joint-training, students’ exchange, teachers’ training, scientific research etc. Both sides reached an agreement on 3+1+1 program.The delegation also visited the College of Engineering, College of Agricultural Science and discussed thejoint running schools. Invited by us, University of Tennessee's delegation intends to visit our University in March, and the MOU will be signed by both sides.

During the stay, the delegation visited the St. John’s University to investigate the training methods and training content of International Summer pharmacology course, and some basic situation about the University.

The delegation also visited the University of Guelph, had a conversation with Professor of plant pathology Mr. Tom Hsiang, and visited the laboratory. The delegation also visited some of our alumnus there.

This visit deepened cooperative relationship between our university and other high level universities like United States and Canada, expanded the field of cooperation, and implemented the "13th Five-Year " international education development goals, promoted the university’s international reputation and influence.

Issue date:[2017-3-13 15:29:00] Author:Office for International Cooperation and Exchange

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