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Cooperative Biotechnology Bachelor Degree Program between Jilin Agricultural University, China and University of Camerino, Italy

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Project Introduction

Project Name: Cooperative Biotechnology Bachelor Degree Program between JilinAgriculturalUniversity,ChinaandUniversity of Camerino,Italy

Chinese Education Ministry Approval Number: MOE22IT2A20121268N

Chinese Party: JilinAgricultural University

Foreign Party: University of Camerino,Italy

Project Introduction: Students enrolled in the cooperative education project are incorporated inChinahigher education enrollment plan, with a duration of four years. The Project adopts “4+0”training mode. Students are supposed to finish a four-year study inJilinAgriculturalUniversity(School will choose top students to study inUniversityofCamerino, on the voluntary basis); core courses (over 50% of the total courses) shall be taught by Italian teachers in English.JilinAgriculturalUniversitywill select full-time assistants to assist foreign teachers to tutor students, and help students to absorb teaching content during the whole teaching process. Students must finish all the courses provided by JAU andUniversityofCamerino, and strictly obey school’s register management regulation, rules for the implementation of Bachelor's degree awarding and other regulations. Students that are qualified to graduate and be awarded the Bachelor's degree will be granted China higher education undergraduate graduation certificate, bachelor degree certificate and undergraduate graduation certificate and bachelor degree certificate of University of Camerino(According to Italian Education Ministry regulation, the two certificates are combined to one certificate). The Degree awarded byUniversityofCamerinois admitted by EU certification. Students that are awarded degree withUniversityofCamerinocan apply directly to Eupean and American postgraduate study.

Project Specialty Introducation: 21st century is the era of life science. In many fields such as health care, agriculture, environmental protection, light chemical industry, health food and so on, biotechnology is playing an increasingly important role in improving human health and survival environment as well as improving the level of industrial, farming and animal husbandry production. Currently, biological technology has become the research and development focus of the modern science and technology. Europe andNorth Americaare in a leading position. Under the context of economic globalization,China's biotechnology industry must constantly improve their international competition ability in the international market to develop rapidly, which generates a huge demand of international high-level biotechnology professionals. The cooperation on running biotechnology major between our university andUniversityofCamerinoaims this trend. The two parties attaches great attention to introduce foreign high-quality education resources on talent training, making it realizable for students to accept high level international education professional courses at home and graduate as the high quality talents with world perspective.

China-foreign cooperative biotechnology bachelor degree program aims to cultivate talents who have broad biological technology basic theory, advanced biological application, research and development technology, and the basic biological bioethics knowledge. Students shall master basic skills of the modern biology and biotechnology research methods, be able to use the biological classification, genetic information transmission and expression, which can provide production and research and analysis, quality control and other technical support for enterprises. And Students shall be able to apply biological technology to solve environmental problems, popularize the biology and biotechnology related knowledge. The program also trains students for biotechnology and pharmaceutical, who can be engaged in quality control, experiment and analysis technology, bio-related research and education.

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