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Dong Ran

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Dong Ran

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Landscape Architecture of Horticulture College

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Research and Germplasm Innovation of Ornamental Plant Resources

Personal E-mail: 1836630983@qq.com

Dong Ran, Female, Doctoral Supervisor, Third-grade Professor; born in April, 1966 and teaches at the university since 1987.

Research mainly focuses on introduction and domestication of ornamental plant resources of Changbai Mountain and innovation of germplasm resources and other fields; She has taken charge of 9 projects including presided over the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Jilin Science and Technology Department, Finance Department, Changchun Science and Technology Bureau successively in recent 5 years, with more than 1,600,000 Yuan of research funding in place, focusing on the research of introduction and domestication of special ornamental plant of Changbai Mountain, breeding of fine varieties of perennial flowers such as tawny daily and iris as well as industrialized breeding technique; completed the project of "Investigation and Research on China's Important Ornamental Plant" of Ministry of Environmental Protection in collaboration with Beijing Forestry University.

Resume1983.7—1987.7: studied in Pomology in Jilin Agricultural University;

1987.7—now: works in Jilin Agricultural University;

2004.7: received the Master's degree;

2010.6: received Doctor's degree;

2003.1: promoted as a professor.

Professional Affiliations:President of Ornamental Plant Branch of Jilin Forestry Association

Managing Director of Jilin Flower Association

Member of Jilin Committee of Examination and Approval of Improved Varieties of Forest Tree

Member of Cut Flowers Branch of China Flowers Standardization Committee

Evaluation expert of the 8th China Flower Expo

Awards(1)2010: received Second Prize (ranked No.2) of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award for the project of "Research on Introduction Breeding and Industrialization Technology of New Varieties of Improved Seedlings for Urban Greening"

(2)2011: received Second Prize (ranked No.1) of Jilin Natural Science Academic Achievements for the "Series of Papers of Ligulariopsis Resource Research and Development and Utilization of Changbai Mountain".

(3)Honored as May 1st Labour Medal in Changchun and Jilin Advanced Worker for "Afforesting and Beautifying"

Published more than 50 academic papers in core journals such as Acta Horticulturae Sinica,Journal of Food Science and Journal of Northeast Forestry University Edited and published 2 academic monographs such as Cultivation and Utilization of Wild Flowers in Changbai Mountain and Common Forestry Economic Plants in Changbai Mountain; examined and approved 9 new varieties with proprietary intellectual property rights.

Undertaking the teaching task of 3 core courses of Wild Ornamental Plant Resources and Investigation and Garden Dendrology for postgraduates and undergraduates; guided 22 postgraduates of Ornamental Plants and Horticulture for smooth graduation, of which 2 have received the award of Excellent 100 Papers in Jilin Province and 7 have received the award of School-level Excellent Master Papers.

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