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Jiang Yunlei

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Jiang Yunlei

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Animal Science and Technology

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Avian Ecology

Personal E-mail: Jiangyl487@nenu.edu.cn

Office Phone: 0431-84532812

ResumeJiang Yunlei, male, born in November, 1962, Doctor of Science, a member of CPC, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor. Since the work in July, 1984, he has undertaken the teaching task of Zoology and mainly engaged in research on avian ecology. Edited a national planned textbook Zoology for regular higher education according to "the 11th Five-Year Plan", collaborated 9 textbooks and monographs including Birds in Jilin Province, Study on the Behavioral Ecology of Echo Location in Bats and Ecology of Cavity-nesting Birds in Northeast China (subeditor). Presided, co-presided and participated in National Science Foundation and 16 provincial and ministerial projects.

Recruited doctors in Preventive Veterinary Medicine (090602), and main research direction is avian morphology and behavior, avian epidemic prevention and control and monitoring, avian resource conservation, utilization and system evolution.

Recruited masters in Basic Veterinary Medicine (090601) and Zoology (071002), and main research direction is animal morphology and behavior, avian behavior ecology and life history strategy, community structure and dynamics, avian resource conservation and system evolution.

Professional Affiliations:

(1)Director of China Zoological Society

(2)Vice President of Jilin Zoological Society

(3)President of Changchun Zoological Society

(4)Director of Jilin Animal and Plant Protection Association.


(1)First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award for Research on the Behavioral Ecology and System Evolution of Echo Location in Bats;

(2)Second Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award for Strategy Research on the Avian Life History in Mountainous Secondary Forest (ranked No.2);

(3)First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award for Research on Key Prevention and Control Technologies of Avian Influenza (ranked No.5).

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