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Yang Lianyu

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Yang Lianyu

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Animal Science and Technology College

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Ruminant Animals Nutrition and Feed Science

Personal E-mail: yangly@jlau.edu.cn

Office phone: 0431-84531237

ResumeBorn in October 1965 and graduated from Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Department of Jilin Agriculture School in 1986 and worked in the university. Doctoral degree of clinical veterinary medicine, Professor of Animals Nutrition and Feed Science, Doctoral Candidate Supervisor. Mainly engaged in Research of Ruminant Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Animal Growth Regulation and Molecular Nutrition, such as nutritive peculiarity of dietary protein and influence of its coordination with energy substance on production performance of ruminant animal; influence of daily ration on product quality of ruminant animal; function of natural active material on regulation of production performance and mechanism of animals. Presided over and participate in 1 national sci-tech support plan, 3 key projects of Jilin Provincial Science & Technology Department, 1 project of Jilin Province Development and Reform Commission and 1 natural science fund project of Jilin Provincial Science & Technology Department in recent years; issue more than 60 academic papers in recent years including 5 SCI papers. Edited and issued 4 professional books. Instructed more than 40 master degree candidates.

Professional Affiliations

Managing Director of Jilin Biomass Resources Utilization and Research Committee, Director of Jilin Provincial Feed Industry Association.


1 First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award

3 Second Prizes of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award

9 practical and new patents authorized by government

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