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Luan Weimin

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Luan Weimin

Jilin Agriculture University

Affiliated in: College of Animal Science and Technology

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Development and Comparative Immunology

Personal E-mail: luanweimin1957@163.com

Luan Weimin, a professor and doctoral supervisor. He is mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research on animal histology and embryology and animal immunology. He completed further study successively in Norman Bethune Medical University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Northeast Agricultural University and The Fourth Military Medical University. From the end of 1990s to now, he has always executed research on morphological structure of goat skin and change pattern of follicle activity, which is the scientific cooperation project between Chinese Government and Italian Government. In 2000, he implemented cooperative research for six months in Italian Nuclear and Environment Research Institute (ENEA). At present, his research mainly focuses on poultry development and comparative immunology. He successively led 2 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China: research on GALT development of chicken and its immune function occurrence (30771557) and research on development pattern of genital tract-associated lymphoid tissue of layer chicken (31372391), led 3 projects of Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology: development of rabies antibody ELISA detection kit (201302123), research on development pattern of genital tract-associated lymphoid tissue of layer chicken (201205059) and research on immunological enhancement of acanthopanax senticosus polysaccharide on chicken (2015044014).

As the first author and corresponding author, Luan Weimin has published 21 academic papers, 8 core journals on important periodical and one article included in EI. He is the chief editor of three textbooks and instructs 3 full-time doctoral candidates and 32 full-time postgraduates. He has taught undergraduates and postgraduates for more than 2400 class hours. In 2009, he organized and completed key laboratory acceptance of animal production and food quality safety education department; in 2003, he actively organized and successfully applied for the authorization unit for master degree of basic veterinary medicine; he successfully applied for 2004 special fund of 3 million Yuan for central and local joint university construction, 2012 special fund of Jilin Financial Department of 800,000 Yuan and 2013 special fund of Ministry of Finance of 1.5 million Yuan.


Learning experience:

1978.09-1982.06, Jilin Agricultural University, veterinary, bachelor

2003.09-2008.06, Jilin Agricultural University, preventive veterinary medicine, doctor

Work experience:

1983.01-now, Jilin Agricultural University, basic veterinary medicine, teacher

2012.04-now, Jilin Agricultural University, preventive veterinary medicine, doctoral supervisor

Professional Affiliations

Member of China Zootomy and Tissue Embryology Society

Executive Member of Jilin Anatomy Society


1 First Prize of Science-Technology Progress Award of Jilin Province

1 Second Prize of Science-Technology Progress Award of Jilin Province

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