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Yao Fangjie

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Yao Fangjie

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Horticulture

Title: Professor

Research Direction:Genetic Breeding and High-efficient Cultivation of Facility Fungus Vegetable (Edible Mushrooms)

Personal E-mail: yaofj@aliyun.com

Office phone: 0431-84533325


Learning experience:

August, 1983-July, 1987: Jilin Agricultural University, Olericulture, undergraduate

September, 1987-June, 1990: Jilin Agricultural University, Olericulture, postgraduate (1990, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, experiment of master thesis)

September, 1999-June, 2002: Jilin Agricultural University, Crop Cultivation and Geoponics, doctor student (cultivated with Japan Tottori University)

Work experience:

June, 1990-December, 1991: Jilin Agricultural University, Department of Specialty and Horticulture, Teaching Assistant.

January, 1992-December, 1998: Jilin Agricultural University, Department of Horticulture, Lecturer.

January, 1999-December, 2003: Jilin Agricultural University, College of Horticulture, Assistant Professor, Master's Supervisor.

January, 2004-now: Jilin Agricultural University, College of Horticulture, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Leader of vegetable science, Leader of edible fungus breeding in the team of Academician Li Yu.

May, 1997-November, 1997: Test Field of Agriculture and Horticulture in Miyagi-ken of Japan, research worker.

February, 2001-February, 2002: Japan Tottori University, cooperative study.

July, 2003-August, 2003: Royal Institute of Grain and Food of New Zealand, science and technology lecture and site inspection.

January, 2010-February, 2010: Japan Tottori University, Visiting Professor.

January, 2014-February, 2014: Britain Fungus Herbarium, cooperative study.

February, 2015-March, 2015: American Pennsylvania State University, cooperative study.


Young Teacher Award of Huo Yingdong Education Foundation

Distinctive Contributor Title for New Rural Construction of Small Mushroom Industry

First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award

Second Prize for Technological Achievements of High School Education in Jilin Province

Special Prize for Changchun Science and Technology Progress Award

The 4th Period of Famous Teacher of Jilin Agricultural University

Professional Affiliations

National modern agriculture industry technology system black fungus genetic breeding scientists

The edible fungus committee of experts

Member of the department of SPH experts

Executive director of the association of Chinese edible fungi

Medicinal food bacteria association executive vice President of jilin province

"Qianjiang scholars" distinguished professor

The medicinal food bacteria "staff

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