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Zhang Meiping

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Zhang Meiping

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Life Science

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Botanical System Genomics and System Biology

Personal E-mail: Meiping.zhang@jlau.edu.cn

Office phone: 18686629277

Doctor, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, and Member of China Democratic League. Mainly engaged in teaching and research in the field of biotechnology. Main research direction is Botanical System Genomics and System Biology. Act as Director of Nuclear Agricultural Science Society of Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies, and Editorial Board Member of 5 scientific journals including BMC Genomics, International Journal of Plant Genomics, Journal of Plant Science and Molecular Breeding, Genomics Discovery and Agrotechnology, and specially appointed assessment personnel of 9 scientific journals such as Genome Biology, BMC Genomics, Plant Cell reports and Plant Science. Chairwoman of International Plant & Animal Genome Conference System Genomics Branch since 20th conference till now.


Learning experience:

From 1983 to 1987, Harbin Normal University, Department of Biology, undergraduate/bachelor

From 1987 to 1990, Harbin Normal University, Department of Biology, master

From 1996 to 1999, Jilin Agricultural University, Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials College, doctor

Work experience:

From 1990 to 2000, Jilin Agricultural University, College of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials, Assistant Professor

From 2001 till now, Jilin Agricultural University, College of Life Science, Professor

From 2000 to 2003, Northeast Agricultural University, Agricultural College, Post doctor

From 2007 to 2015, Texas A&M University, worked on cooperative study on Plant Genomics and Systems Biology Regarding Ginseng, Corn, Paddy, Soybean and Cotton

Academic Contributions:

Made important supplement to genetic variation theories. First put forward and verified DNA "puzzle" structure theory. Such significant founding is a major innovation for existing theories and research methods of biology, genetics, medical science and breeding science.

Established new methods for large-scale and efficient gene cloning. With adoption of such methods, 1700 genes of corns and ginseng have been cloned, which is the total number of plant genes which have been cloned worldwide over 40 years, and the efficiency is over 1000 times of that of existing gene cloning technology.

First reveal molecular mechanism of quantitative inheritance and heterosis

First illuminated origin of cotton and wheat polyploidy and molecular mechanism of evolution

First conducted systematic research on functional genes of Jilin ginseng. The database is the most complete one regarding functional gene sequence and expression of ginseng genes, equivalent to a "encyclopedia" on functional genes of ginseng.

First conducted systematic research and analysis on origin, function and expression pattern of main gene family of ginseng, providing resource guarantee for development and utilization of ginseng gene which controls important economic characters.

Established the first gene library in the world of big fragment BIBAC of Jilin ginseng which can be directly transformed from agrobacterium; and established multi-gene genetic transformation system, for application of main ginseng gene on molecular agriculture

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