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Yang Shihai

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Yang Shihai

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials

Title: Professor

Research Direction:Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources

Personal E-mail: jlyangs@163.com

Office Phone: 84533358

ResumeGraduated from medicinal plant major of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Material College of Jilin Agricultural Universityin July, 1983. Studied for doctorate in Peking University Health Science Center from September, 1995 to November, 1998 and got Doctor of Science in pharmacy major. Worked on post-doctoral research in National Institute of Biological Resources of Japan in the identity of special foreign researcher (STA Fellow) of Japan Science and Technology Agency from December, 2000 to December, 2002.

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Jilin Agricultural University, Director of Medical Plant Cultivation and Breeding Laboratory of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Director of Jilin Province Key Laboratory for Cultivation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Director of Northeast Training Center of Chinese Medicine GAP Research and Promotion Association, Director of Chinese Medicine Variety Certification Committee of Jilin Province, Director of Teaching Material Planning and Preparation Instruction Committee for Chinese Medicine Major of National Institutions of Higher Learning (China Agricultural University Press), Excellent Course "Science of Chinese Medicinal Material Resources" Leader in Jilin Province, Leader of Excellent Teaching Team "Course Teaching Team of Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and Development Specialty" in Jilin Agricultural University, Principal of National Level Characteristic Specialty and "12th Five-Year Plan" Provincial Characteristic Specialty "Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and Development Specialty".

Professional Affiliations:

Vice-chairman of Chinese Pharmacy Committee of China Commodity Association and Professional Committee of Chinese Herbal Samples Museum, Vice Director of Professional Committee of Biological Resources for Chinese Society of Biotechnology, member of Technical Committee for Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine, member of National Logistic Experts Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials, member of Expert Instruction Committee for Medical Industry Chamber of China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Standing Committee Member of Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources Branch of China Association of Chinese Medicine, Standing Committee Member of Under-forest Economy Branch of Chinese Society of Forestry, Member of Professional Committee for Medicinal Plant and Botanical Drug of Botanical Society of China, member of Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and Ecology Committee of Ecological Society of China, member of Special Committee for Identification of Chinese Medicine and Special Committee for Quality of Chinese Medicine Decoction Piece of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Standing Director of China Education Committee for Identification of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vice President of Under-forest Economy Branch of Jilin Provincial Forest Association; Editorial board member and associate editor of Ginseng Research magazine, editorial board member of magazines such as Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials, Lishizhen Medicine and Materia Medica Research and Modern Chinese Medicine.

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