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Ren Yueying

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Ren Yueying

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Chinese Medicinal Herb

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Medicinal Plants

Personal e-mail: 381717169@qq.com

Office Phone: 15699561378


1978—1982, Undergraduate of Medicinal Plant Major of Jilin Agricultural University;

1999—2002, Doctoral Candidate of Crop Cultivation and Farming Major of Jilin Agricultural University;

in 1997, sponsored by the government and studied in Thailand Asian Training Center for half a year.

Ren has been teaching in Jilin Agricultural University from 1982 to now and engaged in researches on Medicinal Plant Cultivation and breeding and Safe Production.

Professional Affiliations

Employed as chief Chinese medicinal plant expert of Jilin Province 12316 Farmer Hot Line for more than 10 years and serving three farmer issues for a long time

National Chinese Medicinal Plant GAP (Chinese medicinal plant production quality management specification) verification inspector

One of the Second Changchun Hundred Excellent Scientific and Technological Workers

Member of Food and Drug Safety Expert Committee of Jilin Province

Technical Service Expert of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Jilin Province

Member of Agricultural Product Female Athlete Association Expert Service Group of Jilin Province

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