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Xia Xianzhu

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Xia Xianzhu

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Military Veterinary Research Institute

Title: Researcher

Research Direction: Preventive Veterinary Medicine

Personal E-mail: Xiaxzh@cae.cn

Office Phone: 0431-86985808

ResumeXia Xianzhu, male, a member of CPC, born in January 1939, from Jianhu, Jiangsu Province. He is an animal virology expert and graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University and joined the army in 1965. Now he is a researcher of Veterinary Research Institute of Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Doctoral Supervisor and the member of Expert Group of Academy of Military Medical Sciences. He has first-level technological title and master-level of civilian title. In 2003, he was selected as Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and is the Deputy Director of Agricultural Department.

Professional Affiliations

He is the doctoral supervisor of Jilin University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Northeast Agricultural University and other universities and scientific research institutes and the member of National Technical Invention Award and Scientific and Technological Progress Award Committee; Deputy Director of 5th Veterinary Pharmacopeia Committee and Deputy Director of 1st National Animal Epidemic Prevention Committee of Ministry of Agriculture; member of 5th Academic Council of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; member of Expert Group of Academy of Military Medical Sciences; emergency response expert of the army; Executive Member of PLA Medical Association; Executive Member of China Association of Animal Science and Veterinary medicine He was appointed as the Vice President of 7th and 8th Committee of Jilin Science and Technology Association in 2007 and 2008. Meanwhile, he was the associate editor of Chinese Journal of Veterinary; editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Virology, ACTA Microbiologica Sinica and Chinese Journal of Biologicals.


2 Second Prizes and 1 Third Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award;

1 First prize, 7 Second Prizes and 9 Third Prizes of Army (Provincial or Department) Science and Technology Progress Award;

3 Third-class merits, titles and awards of "Major Contribution Award for Professional Technology of Army", "Excellent Teacher of Army", "Young Expert of National Outstanding Contribution", "Excellent Communist Party Member", "Excellent Teacher" and "Advanced Individual in Earthquake Relief" issued by General Logistics Department, "One of Ten Science-Technology Communication Figures of Jilin Province", "Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Contribution Award in 60 Years of New China (distinguished figure)" and "Public Health and Prevention Medicine Development Contribution Award".

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