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Wang Quankai

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Wang Quankai

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Wildlife Conservation and Utilization

Personal E-mail: quankaiwang1@163.com

Office Phone: 13944125038

Wang Quankai, Academic Leader of Wildlife Conservation and Utilization of Jilin Agricultural University. Since 1982, mainly engaged in Economic Animal Conservation, Utilization and teaching and research work on Animal Infectious Disease, undertaking teaching work of four courses of professional English for undergraduates and postgraduates. Good at in Feeding and Management and Disease Prevention of Economic Animal at home and abroad, Hunting, Product Processing, and International Trade and so on. Directed and participated in over 10 projects, such as "Research on Deer-tuberculosis Prevention and Control" of Science Committee of Jilin Province, "High Quality of Table-purpose Deer Embryo Transplantation and Technology Import" of Ministry of Agriculture 948, "Rear-guard Bee Paralysis of Deer" of Provincial Science Committee, "GAP Feeding Standard of Deer" of Ministry of Science and Technology, edited and published over 10 academic monographs, such as Economic Animal Disease Science, Question and Answers for Scientifically Feeding Deer, Feeding and Disease Prevention of Special Economic Animals, and New Technology of Feeding of Artificial Insemination by Chopped Deer. Directed the project of the High Quality of Table-purpose Deer Embryo and Embryo Transplantation Technology Introduced into Ministry of Agriculture "948", which was accepted by Ministry of Agriculture in 2004. Directed National and International Science and Technology Cooperation Special Project of China Sika Deer Standardization System and Key Technology of Product Development, which was accepted by Ministry of Science and Technology in 2015. In 2003, New Zealand wapiti with high quality was introduced successfully in China for the first time, which expanded the provenance resource of our country. In 2006, assisted Jilin Aodong Medicine Industry Group to select breeding stock in New Zealand for three months and introduced 1337 New Zealand wapitis in China, which filled up the blanket of this deer subspecies; at present, New Zealand wapitis has taken root in our country. In 1996, 2003, successfully planed and invited about one hundred relevant experts, scholars, entrepreneurs around the world specialized in the feeding of related deer, processing, product development, fundamental research and marketing to participate in International Deer Industry Plenary Session held in China. In July 2010, successfully planed and invited over 60 relevant experts, scholars, entrepreneurs from New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Russia, England, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Chile, Argentina, America, China Taiwan, Hong Kong mainland 15 countries and regions to participate in the Fifth World Deer Industry Plenary Session held in Changchun. Published over 60 academic papers on academic journals at home and abroad. Directed over 20 graduated and enrolled postgraduates and over 10 doctor students in all.


In 1982, graduated as Bachelor of Economic Animal from Department of Specialty of Jilin Agricultural University

In 1988, graduated as Master from Department of Animal Science of Jilin Agricultural University

In 1999, graduated as Master from PLA Farming University

1994-1995, engaged in Deer Keeping and Disease Prevention Cooperative Scientific Research in Massey University

In 1997, researched and studied on Animal Virology in National Institute of Animal Health in Japan

1982 to now, teaching in Jilin Agricultural University

Professional Affiliations:

Member of Professional Teaching Steering Committee of Wildlife Conservation and Recreation Discipline and Speciality of Forestry Academy of National Institution of Higher Education;

Secretary General of Jilin Deer Industry Feeding Technique Exchange Center of China Rural Special Technology Association;

Vice President of Zoological Society of Jilin Province;

Director of National Livestock Contagious Disease Institute


"Research on Deer-tuberculosis Prevention and Control", won the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Jilin Province in 1991

"Research on Hepatitis E Virus Interspecies Transmission and Pathogenesis", won the Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Jilin Province in 2013

Standardized Feeding of Sika Deer, won Science and Technology Progress Award of Jilin Province in 2005

"Research on Posterior Paralysis of the Deer", won the Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Jilin Province in 1997

"Main Infectious Disease Prevention and Control and Promotion Research of Deer", won the First Prize of Competition of Prospering Agriculture through Science and Education of Provincial Government in March 1999

"Young Deer Diarrhea Virus Research", won the Third Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in 2002

Parameter of the Deer Body Noncontact Measurement Method and Key Technology Research, obtained the Achievement Award of Science and Technology Agency in 2007

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