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Wang Yanhua

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Wang Yanhua

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Economics and Management

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Agricultural Technology Economy and Agriculture Systems Engineering

Personal E-mail: Wangyanhua927@163.com

Office Phone: 0431-84533445

ResumeGraduated from Wild Plant Resources Major in Jilin Agricultural University in 1991 and stayed in the University in the same year to act as Counselor for students' thoughts and politics; admitted to Jilin Agricultural University as Master Degree Candidate in Agricultural Economy Management Major in 1996; received Master's degree in agricultural sciences in 1999 during which he was transferred to Management College to work as a professional teacher; admitted to Northeast Agricultural University as a doctoral candidate in Agricultural Economy Management Major in 2002 and received Doctoral degree of Management in 2005. Has been working on teaching and research in College of Economics and Management since 1998. Promoted to be Professor in 2011 and worked as Assistant Dean of College of Economics and Management in 2012.

Professional Affiliations

Director of Chinese Agricultural Technical and Economic Society

Director of Specialized Committee of Agriculture Systems Engineering of Chinese Agricultural Engineering Society

Member of Jilin Association for Science and Technology

Managing Director of Jilin Agricultural Economic Society


(1)Excellent Talent of Jilin New Century Science and Technology (Humanities & Social Sciences) for Colleges and Universities

(2)In the aspect of scientific research, respectively won 1 Third Prize of Jilin Excellent Achievements in the Eighth and the Ninth Sessions of Social Sciences

(3)1 Third Prize of Jilin Excellent Achievements in the First Session of Social Sciences Fund Program

(4)1 Prize of the Third Social Scientific Excellent Achievements of Jilin Social Scientific Community Union

(5)1 Prize of Excellent Achievements in Humanistic and Social Science for Colleges and Universities in Heilongjiang Province

(6)In the aspect of teaching, won 1 Second Prize of Jilin Excellent Achievements in Educational Science

(7)1 First Prize and 3 Second Prizes of School-level Excellent Teaching Achievements

(8)1 Prize of School-level Excellent Teaching Quality

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