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Xu Rifu

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Xu Rifu

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Technical College of Animal Science

Title: Professor/Doctoral Supervisor

Research Direction: Molecular Genetics and Animal Breeding

Personal E-mail: poultryjlau@163.com

Office Phone: 0431-84532812


1984.9—1988.8, Animal Husbandry Major of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department of Shandong Agricultural University, Undergraduate.

1988.9—1991.7, Animal Genetics and Breeding Major of Jilin Agricultural University, Postgraduate.

1991.8—2002.8, Senior Livest of Shengda Group Head Office of Shengli Petroleum Administrative Bureau

2002.9—2005.7, Animal Genetics and Breeding Major of Huazhong Agricultural University, Doctoral Candidate

2005.8-present, Technical College of Animal Science of Jilin Agricultural University, Assistant Professor and Professor

Professional Affiliations

(1)Director of Animal Genetics and Breeding Science Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary;

(2)Director of Livestock Genetic Marker Science Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary;

(3)Director of Poultry Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary;

(4)Online comment expert of national nature fund program

(5)Member of world poultry society;

(6)Member of International Endocrinology Society


(1)Second Prize of 2012 Jilin Academic Achievements in Nature Science Genetics in virtue of the result of Genetic Regulation of Traits of Chicken Laying Eggs, Molecular Marker Screening and Their Application in Breeding and Production

(2)Second Prize of 2011 Jilin Academic Achievements in Nature Science Genetics in virtue of the result of Goose Feather Hair Follicle Occurrence and Development Regularity, Gene Regulation and Their Application in Production of Geese

(3)Prize of 2008 Jilin Scientific and Technological Achievements in virtue of the result of High-quality Meat and Egg Goose Hybrid Breeding

(4)Third Prize of 2007 Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology of Ministry of Agriculture in virtue of Jilin Breeding of Three Varieties of White Geese

(5)2007 Scientific and Technological Achievements of Ministry of Education in virtue of Evaluation of Tibetan Chicken's Germplasm Characteristics and Study of Generic Improvement

Has been working on teaching and scientific research of molecular genetics and animal breeding over the years. Took the charge of and undertook more than 20 programs successively, such as national nature funds, national subjects of "863" major projects, national major special sub-topic of breeding of new genetically-modified varieties, Changchun comprehensive test station demonstration project of national broiler industrialization technology system, Jilin colleges' and universities' hundred technological leading talents program, Jilin poultry industrial technology system subject, Jilin key technological development plan program and key technological plan program of the Education Department of Jilin Province. Won one First Prize and one Second Prize of Municipal (Bureau) Science and Technology Progress. Published more than 120 academic papers on Biology of reproduction, PLose One, Animal Biotechnology, Poultry Science, British Poultry Science, Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, Journal of Genetics and Genomics, Journal of Genetics, Journal of Zoology, Chinese Journal of Animal and Veterinary Science, Chinese Agricultural Science (English), etc. successively. Applied for or authorized 5 national invention patents. Has been making poultry's ovarian follicular occurrence and development regulation and action mechanism of related function functional gene or signal transduction pathway the focused research direction. Obtained some patents and achievements in the aspect of development and utilization of local chicken blastogenesis resources and high-frequency disease-resistant chicken's molecular breeding and poultry disease-resistant molecular genetic basis; made important breakthroughs and phase research achievements in the aspect of analysis of gene network regulation of poultry's follicle occurrence and development and molecular mechanism formed by egg laying traits; made important progress and achievements in the research direction of revealing animal muscle (skeletal muscle) fiber occurrence and development and adipose tissue formation mechanism to improve animal's growth speed and muscle quality; established a batch of genetically modified animal models, laying foundations for gene function identification of animals' important economic trait regulation and molecular breeding application. Successively gave lectures on animal sciences and taught related majors such courses as Molecular Biology (Bilingual) and Biotechnology. Taught master's degree candidates of Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction Science, etc. such courses as Molecular Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Experimental Techniques for Genetic Engineering, doctoral candidates Molecular Biology Research Progress and Experimental Techniques, Monograph on Animal Breeding and Reproduction and Modern Animal Biotechnology, and doctoral overseas students such courses as Advanced Research of Molecular Genetics and Experimental Technology. Worked as Associate Editor of "the Eleventh Five-year Plan" textbook Animal Biotechnology (Science Press) for national regular higher education.

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