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Qi Xin

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Qi Xin

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Agricultural College

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Genetic Breeding of Corn

Personal E-mail: qixin305@163.com

Office Phone: 84532849

Resume1987.9-1994.7, studied in Jilin Agricultural University

1994.7-now, lecturer in Genetic Teaching and Research Office of Jilin Agricultural University

Professional Affiliations:

Vice President of Jilin Cytobiology Society

Director of Jilin Society of Genetics


(1)Jilin Ninth Youth Science and Technology Prize

(2)Jilin Excellent Talent for New Century of Colleges and Universities

(3)Changchun Fifth Batch of Experts Making Outstanding Contributions

(4)Changchun Second Session of Hundred Excellent Scientific and Technical Workers

(5)6 Second Prizes and 2 Third Prizes of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award

(6)1 Third Prize of Science and Technology in Great Northern Agriculture

(7)2 First Prizes of Changchun Science and Technology Progress Award

(8)2 Prizes of Jilin Governmental Agricultural Technology Popularization

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