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Jiang Xiuyun

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Jiang Xiuyun

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Life Science

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Animal Immunology

Personal E-mail: jxiuyun@126.com

Office Phone: 0431-84532886

ResumeGraduated from Veterinarian Major in Jilin Agricultural University and received Bachelor's degree of Agriculture in July, 1988; graduated from Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology Major in Jilin Agricultural University and received Master's degree of Agriculture in June, 1995; graduated from Preventive Veterinary Medicine Major in Jilin Agricultural University and received Doctoral degree of Agriculture in June, 2005. Now works as a teacher of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major, Doctoral Supervisor of Preventive Veterinary Medicine Discipline, Jilin Education Department Excellent Talent of the First "Double Hundred" New Century Science and Technology.

Mainly teaching such courses as "Biochemistry", "Basic Biochemistry", "Advanced Animal Biochemistry", "Advanced Food Biochemistry", "Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology", and "Modern Biochemistry and Molecular Biology". "Biochemistry" was rated as "Provincial Excellent Course" while he was the second lecturer; "Basic Biochemistry" was rated as "Provincial Excellent Curriculum", "Provincial High-quality Curriculum", "National High-quality Curriculum" and "National High-quality Resources Sharing Curriculum" successively. Edited four textbooks and teaching reference books.

Learning experience:

1962.09-1967.09: Shandong Agricultural University. Major: Plant Protection

1978.09-1981.07: Jilin Agricultural University, Master. Major: Microorganism

1996.04-2000.04: University of Tsukuba, Doctor. Major: Biological Environmental Sciences Research Section in Biosphere Environics Domain

Work experience:

1968.04-1981.09: Jilin Baicheng Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Technician

1981.09-1985.03: Jilin Agricultural University, Lecturer

1985.04-1988.06: Jilin Agricultural University, Assistant Professor

1988.06-1992.06: Jilin Agricultural University, Vice-president/Assistant Professor

1992.07-1995.01: Jilin Agricultural University, President/Professor

1995.01-2004.09: Jilin Agricultural University, Doctoral Supervisor, President/Professor

1996.01-1996.02: National Museum of Nature and Science in Japan, Senior Visiting Scholar/Professor

1996.02-1996.10: British Royal Botanical Garden (Kew), Senior Visiting Scholar/Professor

2004.09-present: Jilin Agricultural University, Doctoral Supervisor/Professor

Professional Affiliations

Director of Jilin Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society and Editorial Board Member of Journal of Economic Animal.


1 First Prize (the second place) and 2 Second Prizes (the first place and the third place) of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award; 1 Third Prize (the third place) of Jilin Academic Achievements in Nature Sciences.

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