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Zhou Jianzhong

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Zhou Jianzhong

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Humanities

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Vocational and Technical Education Management

Personal E-mail: xyzjz@163.com

Office Phone: 0431-84533029

Zhou Jianzhong, male, born in January, 1966, member of CPC, Professor, Master's Supervisor, Dean of College of Humanities, Director of Jilin Housekeeping Services Research Center and Leader of Jilin Featured Professional Discipline of "the Twelfth Five-Year Plan".


Work experience:

Managing Director of National Agricultural Higher Education Research Association

Director of National Institution of Higher Learning Teaching Research Association

Director of National Professional Construction Committee of Occupational Education Teachers

Member of National Agricultural Science and Technology Area Guidance Committee for Agricultural Popularization

Member of Experts Committee for Textbook Construction of Ministry of Agriculture

Managing Vice President of Jilin Home Economics Society

Member of Academic Committee of Jilin Agricultural University

AwardsWon the Third Prize of Jilin Excellent Teaching Achievements in 2009 in virtue of "Study and Practice of Course Management system of Agricultural Colleges and Universities" held to complete since "the Eleventh Five-year Plan"

Won the Second Prize of Jilin Excellent Teaching Achievements in 2014 in virtue of "On Study and Practice of Improvement of Teachers' Teaching Abilities in Colleges and Universities" held to complete.

Won the Second Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievements of Jilin Agricultural University in 2010 in virtue of "Study of Jilin Development Strategy of Vocational Education"

Thesis "Study of Curricula Construction and Management in Agricultural Colleges and Universities in the Phase of Popularization" rated as the First Prize of Excellent Thesis of National Higher Agricultural Education Research Commission Has undertaken one humanistic and social science fund program of Ministry of Education since "the Eleventh Five-year Plan" One sponsored project among Jilin educational science planning priorities One "Eleventh Five-year Plan" social sciences research subject of Jilin Education Department Two teaching reform subjects of Jilin Education Department One subject of "Twelfth Five-year Plan" "Double Hundred Excellent Talents" of humanities & social sciences One Jilin tendering subject of the Communist Youth League One planning subject of Changchun educational science One scientific research fund subject of Jilin Agricultural University Published more than 30 papers Published one state-compiled textbook

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