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Li Taihao

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Li Taihao

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Information-based Teaching and Management Center

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Computer Network and Application

Personal E-mail: lth@jlau.edu.cn

Office Phone:0431-84532794

Li Taihao, male, Korean Nationality, born in June 1961, Director of Information-based Teaching and Management Center of Jilin Agricultural University and Professor. Mainly occupied in teaching of public computer course, information construction of the university, planning and building of digital campus, structural design of campus network, performance inspection, structure research and applications of cloud computing system. For many years, he has been engaged in promoting the construction of digital campus network of Jilin Agricultural University and development of education informationization as well as its gradual expansion and consistent improvement. At present, he works as Vice President of both Education Informationization Association of Jilin Province and Specialized Committee for Public Computer Teaching Courses for Colleges and Universities in Jilin Province which has been awarded as excellent society by Education Informationization Association of Jilin Province for several times. The completed Project under his direction, Studies and Construction on Basic Teaching Platform for Digital Agriculture Technologies, has promoted the studies and development on Informationization of agricultural scientific researches and successfully realized the integration of agriculture information resources. As an academic leader in computer basis, he keeps promoting the informationization level of education resources development and utilization, and advocating to optimize the education process through building a multi-dimensional education environment integrating information and network technologies, which improves and enriches the public course system of digital and information agriculture technologies. Moreover, combined with the characteristics of specialized courses, he prepared and revised the syllabus and teaching plans, thus impelling the construction of teaching system which aims at fostering the students' spirits of innovation and improving their practice abilities. Under his leading, Computer Technologies and Application Basis, a three-dimensional textbook both in paper and network versions, has been compiled to promote modern information technologies' application in education and the development of education informationization.

In recent years, after studying the development law of demands on agricultural science talents, he organized and constructed a brand-new teaching support system for basic computer courses of agricultural universities and colleges, held and carried out studies on "Construction and Practice of Basic Digital Teaching Platform for Agriculture Technologies" and fostered talents who are equipped with theories and technologies on digital agriculture technologies and have been one of the teams which are the earliest to conduct studies and practices on digital agriculture of public computer teaching (the Project has been recognized by specialists and gained key funds as teaching researches for universities and colleges in Jilin Province) among domestic universities and colleges. He also held 7 research projects such as Studies and Construction of Basic Digital Teaching Platform for Agriculture Technologies and Studies and Construction of Teaching Resource Platform on Basis of Cloud Computing under View of Date Center of Colleges and Universities etc. and published 9 papers on key and core periodicals including 1 on SCI, 3 on EI and 5 on other key publications. He also owns 12 software copyrights including 2 first-author items and 3 second-author items.

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