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Ji Ruiqing

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Ji Ruiqing

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Agricultural College/Engineering Research Center of Edible Fungi Ministry of Education

Title: Assistant Professor

Research Direction: Edible Mycorrhizal Fungi

Personal E-mail: jiruiqingjrq@126.com

Office Phone: 0431-84533020

ResumeJi Ruiqing, female, born in 1977, Doctor, Assistant Professor, Deputy Director of Fungus Crop Growing and Pest Control Teaching and Research Office of Agricultural College.

Since 2008, has successively taken responsibility for lecture tasks of 5 courses (such as "Fungus Crop Pest". Meanwhile, responsible for practice teaching and production teaching in the title as Lecturer. Now, the number of responsible students who have been graduated and major in Applied Biological Sciences is about 240, and responsible students work for national big or medium sized edible fungi enterprises. During tenure, published 2 papers on educational reform in Research in Higher Education; obtained 1 School-level Core Teaching and Research Subject of Jilin Agricultural University.

Since the work for Agricultural College in Jilin Agricultural University/Engineering Center of Edible Fungi Ministry of Education in July, 2007, mainly occupied in research works related to Edible Mycorrhizal Fungi; completed research of Jilin Postdoctoral Science Foundation Project. As a main participator, participated in research of projects of the 11th Five-year Plan, the 12th Five-year Plan and the 13th Five-year Plan of "National Medicinal Fungus Industrial Technology System", and took part in over 2 national projects on country fund, etc, and over 3 provincial projects with items at the same time. Published over 20 papers in the key journals; applied for 4 patents for invention, and 2 authorizations.


1996.09 - 2000.07 Bachelor in Agrostology of Inner Mongolia University of Nationalities

2002.09—2004.07 Master in Forestry Pathology of Northeast Forestry University

2004.09—2007.07 Doctor in Forestry Pathology of Northeast Forestry University

2007.07 – now Teacher in Mycophyta Teaching and Research Office of Agricultural College in Jilin Agricultural University

Professional Affiliations:

From 2010 to now, member of Jilin Edible Fungi Society


In 07, 2007: Third Prize of Liang Xi Award issued by Forest Association (4)

In 2015: First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Award (10)

In 2015: Winner of honorary title as "Jilin Top-notch Innovative Personnel"

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