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Zhang Zhicheng

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Zhang Zhicheng

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Teaching and Research Department of Military Sports

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training

Personal E-mail: 1310019304@qq.com

Office Phone:0431-84533513

Zhang Zhicheng, male, born in Tonghua City, Jilin Province in November, 1974, Professor, Postgraduate Qualifications, Doctor's degree, cooperation on scientific researches with Postdoctoral Mobile Research Station of Beijing Sport University, externally-hired Master's Supervisor of Northeast Normal University, Deputy Director of Teaching and Research Department of Military Sports of Jilin Agricultural University.


September 1994-July 1998 Northeast Normal University, Bachelor

September 2003-July 2006 Northeast Normal University, Master

September 2009-July 2012 Northeast Normal University, Doctor

September 2012-now Postdoctoral Mobile Research Station of Beijing Sport University

Professional Affiliations

1. Master Supervisor of Northeast Normal University

2. Externally-hired Professor of Northeast Dianli University

3. Deputy Chairman of Jilin Provincial Directional Association


(1)won the title of "New-century Excellent Humanities & Social Science Talents from Universities and Colleges in Jilin Province" in 2013

(2)won the title of "Batch IV Top-notch Innovative Talents of Jilin Province" in 2013

(3)Published 13 papers on core periodicals during 2010-2015, including 2 papers on key national sports periodicals and 9 on core periodicals of sports trade; published 2 works; directed Studies and Practices on Promoting the Students' Health Development through School Sports (Studies on Promoting Students' Physical Health Development through Reforming School Sport System in Colleges and Universities), a planning project for the"11th Five-Year Plan" of the Ministry of Education, with a subsidy of RMB 25 thousand yuan; directed the revision of Exercise Standards for National Sports of General Administration of Sport of China with a subsidy of RMB 100 thousand yuan in 2011; directed Construction of Information Share Platform for Enrolling High-level Athletes of Normal Universities and Colleges with a subsidy of RMB 50 thousand yuan from China Postdoctoral Science Foundation in 2012; participated in (as second author) Studies on Basic Theories of Sports History (Approved No.: 15BTY085), a national social science foundation project in 2015.

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