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Li Yuehong

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Li Yuehong

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Animal Sciences and Technologies

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Disease Control of Aquatic Livestock, Healthy Aquaculture

Personal E-mail: liyhong@sina.com

Office Phone:0431-84532812

Li Yuehong, Doctor, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Top-Notch Innovative Talent of Jilin Province


Learning experience:

1997-2000, Jilin Agricultural University, Master Degree Candidate

2002-2005, Jilin University, Doctoral Candidate

March 2006-May 2006 Agriculture Training Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel, visiting scholar

December 2010-December 2011 Aquatic Livestock Health Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, USA, visiting scholar

Work experience:

1968.04-1981.09: Baicheng Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Jilin Province, Technician

1981.09-1985.03: Jilin Agricultural University, Lecturer

1985.04-1988.06: Jilin Agricultural University, Assistant Professor

1988.06-1992.06: Jilin Agricultural University, Vice President/Assistant Professor

1992.07-1995.01: Jilin Agricultural University, President/Professor

1995.01-2004.09: Jilin Agricultural University, Doctoral Supervisor, President/Professor

1996.01-1996.02: National Museum of Nature and Science (Japan), Senior Visiting Scholar/Professor

1996.02-1996.10: Royal Botanical Garden of UK (Kew), Senior Visiting Scholar/Professor

2004.09-now Jilin Agricultural University, Doctoral Supervisor/Professor

Professional Affiliations

Assessment expert of National Science Foundation; senior member of MASHA, Ministry of Agriculture, Israel; standing president of Jilin Medical Bio-immunological Institute; assessment expert of standards for Jilin Province; project assessment expert of Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Department; chief expert for technical assistance of Songyuan District, Demonstration Base of Agriculture Standardization of World Bank Project; deputy director of Special Committee for Jilin Committee of China Democratic League.


(1)(1) Directed Studies on Pathogenesis of Significant Infectious Diseases among Aquatic Livestock and Application which was awarded First Prize for Academic Products of Natural Sciences of Jilin Province; directed Studies on Pathogenesis of Significant Infectious Diseases for Cyprinoid and Application in Detection which was awarded Third Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Awards; and directed Studies on Soluble Expression of ICAM-1SvFb and the Application which was awarded Second Prize of Excellent Research Products among Universities and Colleges in Jilin Province.

(2)(2) In total, awarded over ten prizes including 2 Second Prizes of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 Third Prizes of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award; 1 First Prize, 1 Second Prize and 1 Third Prize for Academic Achievement of Natural Sciences of Jilin Province; 1 Second Prize for popularization of aquatic livestock technologies; 1 First Prize and 1 Second Prize for teaching Achievement of Jilin Agricultural University.

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