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Liu Shuyan

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Liu Shuyan

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Agricultural College

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Fungus Molecular Biology

Personal E-mail: liussyan@163.com

Office Phone: 84532917

Liu Shuyan, female, born in 1970, now is Teacher, Professor, Doctoral Director of Agricultural College and School-level Teaching Supervisor of Jilin Agricultural University. She is among the 4th Famous Teachers of Jilin Agricultural University, General Program Evaluation Experts of State Natural Sciences Foundation, and Teachers of National Teaching Team for Plant Protection. She was once awarded national scholarship to study in Canada for 1 year, and then headed for Japan, Netherlands, South Korea and Brazil successively for cooperative study. She is mainly engaged in study of molecular mycology and molecular plant pathology.


1989.9—1993.7 Bachelor of Plant Protection of Department of Agronomy of Jilin Agricultural University

1994.9—1997.7 Master of Plant Pathology of Jilin Agricultural University

1997.9—2000.6 Doctor of Crop Cultivation and Farming System of Jilin Agricultural University

1993.7—1994.9 worked in Forestry Bureau of Shuangliao County

1999.7—now teaches in Plant Pathology Teaching and Research Office of Agricultural College of Jilin Agricultural University

2005.1—2005.6 Visiting Scholar of Japan Mie University

2005.11—2005.12 Cooperative study with Netherlands Wageningen University

2006.3—2007.3 Visiting Scholar of University of Guelph in Canada subsidized by national scholarship

Professional Affiliations:

Member of Mycological Society of China, Member of Chinese Society for Plant Pathology, Member of American Phytopathological Society, Member of Mycological Society of Japan and Evaluation Expert of State Natural Science Foundation.


1 Second Prize of State Natural Science Award, 2 First Prizes of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 Jilin Science and Technology Award for Youth, and 1 Second Prize and 1 Third Prize of Academic Achievement Award of Jilin Natural Science and Technology.

She is among the Second Level Candidate of The 4th Batch of Top-Notch Innovative Talents, Excellent Talents of New Century Science and Technology of Education Department of Jilin Province, Candidates for Cultivating Yong and Middle-Aged Leaders for Scientific and Technological Innovation in Jilin Province, the 2nd Changchun City "One Hundred Excellent Scientific and Technical Workers" and the First Batch of "One Hundred Leading Talents of Jilin Colleges and Universities".

In recent years, more than 50 papers are published, of which 13 are published on Plant Pathology, Plant Disease, Mycoscience, etc, with cumulative impact factor of 31.82.

Presided over 4 state natural fund projects, including 1 youth fund and 3 general programs. Presided over 1 subproject of special project for basic work of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 Youth Science and Technology Innovation Talents and Team Project of Jilin Department of Science and Technology, 1 Sub Project of "The 12th Five-Year Plan" National Science and Technology Plan Project in Rural Areas, 1 Doctoral Fund Project of Ministry of Education. Now she has scientific research funds amounting to more than 2 billion yuan.

Teached more than 10 undergraduate and postgraduate courses including General Phytopathology, Fungus Biology, and Professional English successively, of which General Phytopathology is appraised as provincial excellent course. Presided over 1 provincial-level educational reform project and presided over and participated in 5 projects of school-level projects. She was awarded 1 Third Prize of 9th Excellent Achievements of Educational Science of Jilin Province and 1 First Prize of school-Level Teaching Achievements. She published 8 education reform theses of which 2 were published on core periodicals. Edited 1 text book of the 12th Five-year Plan in Science Press, 1 textbook in Agricultural Publishing House and participated in edition of 1 textbook.

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