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Zheng Xin

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Zheng Xin

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Resource and Environment College

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Animal Nutrition and Immunoregulation / Cell Biology

Personal E-mail: zhengxinjilin@126.com

Office Phone:

ResumeFemale, born in 1965, from Meihekou City; Doctor, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of College of Animal Science and Technology of Jilin Agricultural University, and Director of Genetic Breeding and Reproduction Teaching & Research Office.

Mainly working on:

Research Directed at Animal Cell Biology and Animal Nutrition and Immunoregulation.


Undertaking five courses at different levels for undergraduate students, postgraduate students and doctoral students, including Animal Genetics, Cell Biology and Biostatics.

Experiences of studying abroad

Went to Kyoto University as government-sponsored overseas visiting scholar and researcher dispatched by the government of China to conduct overseas study and research.

Talent cultivation:

Cultivated 2 graduated doctors and 18 graduated masters and 17 studying doctors and masters.

Learning experience:

1962.09-1967.09 Shandong Agricultural College. Major: Plant Protection

1978.09-1981.07 Jilin Agricultural University, Master. Major: Microorganism

1996.04-2000.04 University of Tsukuba, Doctor. Major: Life Environmental Science Research Section of Biosphere and Environmentology Field

Work experience:

1968.04-1981.09: Jilin Baicheng Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Technician

1981.09-1985.03: Jilin Agricultural University, Lecturer

1985.04-1988.06: Jilin Agricultural University, Assistant Professor

1988.06-1992.06: Jilin Agricultural University, Deputy President / Assistant Professor

1992.07-1995.01: Jilin Agricultural University, President / Professor

1995.01-2004.09: Jilin Agricultural University, Doctoral Supervisor, President / Professor

1996.01-1996.02: National Museum of Nature and Science, Senior Visiting Scholar / Professor

1996.02-1996.10: Kew Gardens (Kew), Senior Visiting Scholar / Professor

2004.09-now, Jilin Agricultural University, Doctoral Supervisor / Professor

Professional Affiliations:

Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary, Senior Member

Chinese Association of Cell Biology, Member

Chinese Association of Animal Nutrition, Member

Chinese Association of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry, Member

Jilin Association of Cell Biology, Director


(1)"Provincial-level Young & Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution"

(2)"Jilin New Century Outstanding Science and Technology Talents"

(3)Title of "Top-notch Innovative Talents of Jilin Province"

(4)"Advanced Individual" of Jilin Agricultural University

(5)"Advanced Female Individual with Contributions" of Jilin Agricultural University

(6)"Prominent Teacher in Charge" of Jilin Agricultural University

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