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Yao Qiujie

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Yao Qiujie

Jilin Agricultural University

Subordinate Unit: College of Marxism

Title: Professor

Research Direction:Basic Principles of Marxism

Personal Email: jlshenqiang@126.com

Office Tel: 0431-84533029

Personal Resume

1978—1982: Student of Changchun Institution of Geoscience

1982—1995: Secretary of the Youth League Committee and Minister of the Organization Department of Changchun Institution of Geoscience

1995—2000: Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Changchun Institution of Geoscience

2000—2002: Secretary of the Party Working Committee and DeputyDirector of Administrative Committee in Chaoyang Campus of Jilin University.

2002—2005: Secretary of School Party Committee of Beihua University

2005—2008: Secretary of Party Committee and president of Jilin Agricultural University

2008—2014: Secretary of School Party Committee of Jilin Agricultural University

Retired in 2015.

Professional Affiliations:

He holds a concurrent post of deputy chairman of Jilin Institute of Youth, Jilin Institute of Moral Education, Jilin Institute of Philosophy, Jilin Institute of Philosophy of Geoscience, Jilin Institute of Party History and Jilin Institute of Scientific Socialism, deputy director of Mental Health Education Special Committee for College Students in Jilin Institute of Higher Education.


He has won 6 provincial awards and been the 7thbatch of professional technical young talents with outstanding contribution in 2002.

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