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Zhang Yuejie

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Zhang Yuejie

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Economics and Management

Title: Professor

Research direction: Management of Agricultural Economy

Personal E-mail: zhang-yj@163.com

Office phone: 0431-84533525

Zhang Yuejie comrade is a high-level returned overseas student and management personnel who was directly brought in from overseas country by Jilin Agricultural University in May of 2002. Now he is a leader and Second-grade Professor of specialty authorized by Second-grade Doctorate and key specialty in Jilin Province (Specialty of Management of Agricultural Economy) in Jilin Agricultural University. Up to now, the Doctor Specialty is the unique specialty authorized by doctor belonging to social sciences in colleges and universities in Jilin Province. Since he came to our school in May of 2002, national nature fund project hosted by him has realized historical breakthrough that our school achieved the highest level of research project and the most funds of single item in social sciences research field, and has filled the blank that our school does not have national level project in this field. He was hired as Research Director and chief expert in beef and yak industrial economy in our country by Ministry of Agriculture of our country (2008-2015), gained 5.6 million scientific research funds. It is scientific research project which has the most funds in scientific research of social sciences in whole country.

Personal Resume1982.09—1986.07: graduated as an undergraduate in major of Management of Agricultural Economy at Department of Agricultural Economy at Jilin Agricultural University and gained bachelor of Agriculture

1986.07—1993.03 Officer and Principal Staff Member in education committee in Jilin Province

1993.03—2002.04 graduated as a postgraduate and doctor student in Major of Biological

2002.05—2006.09 Dean, Professor, and Doctoral Supervisor at School of Management in Jilin Agricultural University

2006.09—2010.12 Section Chief in International Cooperation and Exchange Office in Jilin Agricultural University and Dean of College, Professor of Management of Agricultural Economy specialty, and Doctoral Supervisor

2010.12—2011.12 Section Chief in Office of Teaching Affairs at Jilin Agricultural University, Professor of Management of Agricultural Economy specialty, and Doctoral Supervisor

2011.12—2015.11 Vice President of Jilin Finance and Economics University (Academic Leader , Second-grade Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Specialty at Doctor Station of Management of Agricultural Economy at Jilin Agricultural University)

2015.11 to today: Vice President of Jilin Agricultural University (Academic Leader , Second-grade Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of specialty Specialty at Doctor Station of Management of Agricultural Economy at Jilin Agricultural University)

Professional affiliations:Deputy chairman of Foreign Agricultural Economic Research Institute in China, Managing Director of CSFAFE, Director of Chinese Association of Agricultural Economics, Research Director about industrial economy of beef and yak industrial technology system in our country and position expert, Policy-making and Consulting committee member of Jilin Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party, member of Policy-making and Consulting Committee of government in Jilin Province, Vice President of Management Institute in Jilin Province, the twelfth CPPCC members in Changchun City and Vice Director of Committee of Population, Resources and Environment.


Research Achievements: 2 for the first prize of Excellent Achievementof Social Scientific Research in Jilin Province and 2 for the second prize.

Honorary Title:

Excellent Talent of New Century from the Ministry of Education, Senior Expert of Jilin Province, Professional Technical Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Jilin Province, Tip of Innovative Talent in Jilin Province (first level) and Excellent Personnel Back from Abroad in Jilin Province.

Over 10 years since 2006, he has successively presided over and completed 2 courses related to National Natural Funds and 8 courses related to the Ministry of Education or above provincial class courses, published more than 40 research theses on the National Institute and important academic journals and 1 academic monograph, guided 18 graduated doctor and master's candidates with doctoral and master's degree, among which 1 doctoral dissertation has won the excellent doctoral dissertation in Jilin Province. Currently, he has guided 7 doctoral students and 6 master's candidates in reading, playing an important role in the cultivation of high level talents.

At present, he presides over and commits 2 national scientific and research courses related to National Natural Funds and the Ministry of Agriculture with total funds of 4 million. He has averagely published more than 3 academic theses on National Institute and CSSCI Journal every year, guided and cultivated 6 master's candidates and 6 doctoral candidates.

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