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Du Rui

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Du Rui

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Graduate School

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Preventive Veterinary Medicine

Personal E-mail: Durui71@126.com

Office Phone: 0431-84533047

ResumeJuly 1994-June 1998, Jilin Agricultural University, Research Intern

July 1998-June 1999, Jilin Agricultural University, Teaching Assistant

July 1999-December 2003, Jilin Agricultural University, Lecturer

January 2004-August 2009, Jilin Agricultural University, Assistant Professor

September 2009-now, Jilin Agricultural University, Professor

Professional AffiliationsCurrently Director of Specialty Branch of China Agricultural Association, Director of Deer Industry Branch of China Animal Agriculture Association, Vice Director of Jilin Professional Committee for Postgraduate Education and Degree Management, Managing Director of Jilin Provincial Zoological Society, Senior Expert of sika deer industry talent highland in Shuangyang District, Editorial Board Member of Jilin Agricultural University Journal and Economic Animal Journal.

Awards2 First Prizes of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award:

Construction and Application of Diagnosis and Comprehensive Prevention Technology System for Main Infectious Diseases of Deer (2012; 1st), Research on Drug Resistance Mechanism and Drug Resistance Inhibitor of 4 Kinds of Important Zoonosis Pathogenic Bacteria (2009; 3rd).

4 Second Prizes of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award:

Research on Key Technology Development and Application for Industrialization of Sika Deer (2015; 2nd), Key Technology Development and Application for Industrialization of Sika Deer (2014; 5th), Expression of Main Protective Antigen Gene of Deer Source BVDV and Immunogenicity Research (2008; 1st, Standardized Cultivation of Sika Deer (2005, 2nd); 1 Third Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award: Research on Viral Diarrhea of Deer (2002; 3rd)

1 Jilin Youth Technology Prize: Deer Bovine Viral Diarrhoea- Research on Mucosal Disease Virus (2012; 1st)

Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Jilin Province: Research on Resistance Molecular Mechanism of Staphylococcus Aureus Fluoroquinolone and Drug-resistant Inhibiter of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Personal honors(1) "New Century Million Talents" National Level Person (2015)

(2) State-level Young & Middle-aged Experts with Distinctive Contributions (2015)

(3)"First Level" Person of the Fifth Batch of Top-notch Innovative Personnel in Jilin Province (2015)

(4)Scholars of Mount Changbai Special Term Professor (2014)

(5)The 13th Batch of Young & Middle-aged Professional and Technical Personnel with Distinctive Contributions in Jilin Province (2014)

(6)Subject Leading Professor of Universities in Jilin Province (2012)

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