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Liu Jingsheng

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Liu Jingsheng

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Food Science and Engineering

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Further Processing of Grain and Functional Foods

Personal E-mail: Liujs1007@vip.sina.com

Office Phone: 0431-84532797


September 1983-July 1987, major in livestock in Agriculture College of Yanbian University and obtained Bachelor's degree of Agriculture.

April 1991-October 1992, Livestock Product Department in Japan Bageyue Central Agriculture Practice University, visiting scholar.

September 1995-June 1998, Food Science Major in Jilin Agricultural University, obtained Master's degree in Engineering.

September 2001-July 2005, Crop Cultivation and Cultivation in Jilin Agricultural University, obtained doctor's degree in Agriculture.

July 1987-April 2000, Food Department of Jilin Specialty Junior College, Department Director.

April 2000-now, College of Food Science and Engineering in Jilin Agricultural University, Dean.

Professional Affiliations:

Director and Post Scientist of Corn Deep-Processing Functional Laboratory for National Modern Corn Industry Technology System

Vice President of Chinese Association of Animal Products Processing

Vice President of Corn Deep-Processing Branch of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association

Vice President of China Whole Grain Council

Director of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology

Member of Professional Teaching Instruction Committee for Food Science and Engineering of Ministry of Education

Vice President of Jilin Province Food Associations

Editorial board member of magazines such as Food Science, Jilin Agricultural University Journal, China Dairy Industry and Meat Study.

National Million Talent Engineering person

State-level Young & Middle-aged Experts with Distinctive Contributions

First Batch of "Scholars of Mount Changbai" Special Term Professor in Jilin Province

Senior Expert of Jilin Province

Subject Leading Professor of Jilin Province

Top-notch Innovative Personnel of Jilin Province (second level)

Outstanding Talent of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Jilin Province

Advanced Individual in Teacher's Ethics of Jilin Province


"Research and Industrialization Application for Key Technologies of Corn Deep-processing" won First Prize of Chinese Agricultural Science Technology of Ministry of Agriculture in 2015.

"Key Technology Research and Industrialization Application for Green Supply Chain of Corn" won First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award in 2014.

"Research on Submerged Fermentation Process Optimization of Honey Mushroom and Industrialization Application" won First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award in 2010.

"Research and Development of Double-reactive New Dairy Product of Immune and Micro-ecology" won Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Livestock Product Processing Association in 2014.

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