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Gao Jie

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Gao Jie

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Plant Disease Teaching and Research Section of Agricultural College Title: Professor

Research Direction: Comprehensive Treatment for Plant Diseases

Personal E-mail: Jiegao115@126.com

Office Phone: 84532849

ResumeLearning experience

1982.9—1986.7 Jilin Agricultural University Plant Protection Bachelor

1986.9—1989.7 Shenyang Agricultural University Plant Disease Master

2002.9—2005.7 Jilin Agricultural University Agronomy Doctor

Work experience

1989.7—1991.8 Jilin Agricultural University Department of Agronomy Teaching Assistant

1991.9—1996.12 Jilin Agricultural University Department of Agronomy Lecturer

1997.1—2001.12 Jilin Agricultural University Department of Agronomy Assistant Professor

2002.1—Now Jilin Agricultural University Department of Agronomy Professor

2006.9—Now Jilin Agricultural University Department of Agronomy Doctoral Supervisor

Professional AffiliationsDirector of Chinese Society for Plant Pathology;

Director of China Society of Plant Protection;

Vice president of Jilin Plant Protection Society;

Member of Jilin Committee of Professional Corns Variety Examination;

Member of Jilin Committee of Quarantine Pest Examination and member of American Phytopathological Society;

Member of Teaching Guidance Commission of Jilin Agricultural University.

AwardsObtained 1 (1) First Prize, 3 Second Prizes (4, 7, 11), 2 Third Prizes (2, 4) of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 Second Prize (1) of Jilin Standards Innovation and Contribution Award, 1 First Prize (1), 3 Second Prizes (1,1,1) of Jilin Academic Achievement Award of Natural Science.

Published more than 100 academic papers on academic periodicals above core periodical, where more than 30 papers were published in periodicals included in SCI as first author or corresponding author.

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