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Hu Yaohui

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Hu Yaohui

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Food Science and Engineering

Title: Professor

Research Directions: Food Biological Engineering and Functional Food

Personal Email: huyaohui@vip.163.com

Office Tel: 0431-84515118

Hu Yaohui, a second-level professor, is the former director of the processing research laboratory under Technology and Development Center of the National Soybean Industry, who enjoys special allowance from the State Council, senior expert in Jilin Province and doctoral tutor. He has successively cooperated with corporates including Baishan Yongli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hongkong Letaotao International Development Co., Ltd., Zhejiang dad Food Co., Ltd., Jilin Grain Group Co., Ltd., Jilin Aodong Food Co., Ltd., Utility Technology Development Company of University of Science and Technology of Jilin, Jilin Jinyi Egg Co. Ltd. and Xuzhou Douya Bean Food Co., Ltd. and so on. A number of his scientific research achievements focused on product transformation including Forest Frog Oil Soft Capsule, Forest Frog Oil Instant Beverage, Non Fried Corn Instant Food, Deep-processing Product of the Series of Special Egg Powder and High Dietary Fiber Meat have won great economic benefits and social benefits, which has effectively promoted the development of agricultural science and technology and regional economy with outstanding contribution to the revival of deep processing of grain in Jilin Province, resources development in the Eastern mountain area and Northeastern old industrial bases.

Personal Resume

1977—1995: Teacher/ Animal and Science Department of Jilin Agricultural University

1995—1997: Department Director/ Food Science/ Jilin Agricultural University

1997—1999: President/ Food Engineering College of Jilin Agricultural University

1999—2001: Commissioner and President Assistant/Jilin Agricultural Industry Department

2001—2008: DeputyPresident/ Jilin Agricultural University

2008—2011: Investigator/ deputy class/Jilin AgriculturalUniversity

2011—2013: Professor/ College of Food Science and Engineering/Jilin Agricultural University

2013 till now: Second-class professor/ College of Food Science and Engineering/Jilin Agricultural University

Professional Affiliations:

President of Jilin Province Food Association

Member of the 12th Journal Editorial Committee of Jilin Agricultural University

Member of the 8th Science and Technology Committee of NationalAgricultural Department

Director of Jilin Food Engineering and Food Safety Engineering Research Center

Director of After-production and Processing Research Laboratory of Technology Research and Development Center of National Soybean Industry

Director of Jilin Food and Biotechnology Innovation Center

President of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology


He has won the following awards: one for the first prize of Scientific and Technological Progress in Jilin Province (ranked the second place), five for the second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress (all ranked the first place), two for the second prize of Natural Scientific Achievement in Jilin Province, one for special award of Scientific and Technological Progress in Changchun City and one for the second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress in Changchun City.

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