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Zhao Lanpo

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Zhao Lanpo

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Resources and Environment

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Agricultural Resources and Environment

Personal E-mail: Zhaolanpo12@163.com

Office Phone: 84532955

Second-grade Professor of Resources and Environment College of Jilin Agricultural University, Doctor who has studied in Japan, Doctoral Supervisor. Main scientific research directions are regulation and control on fertility degree for soil, improvement and efficient utilization of saline-alkali soil, prevention and control on agricultural non-point source pollution. One of the experts enjoying special allowance of State Council and has obtained titles of Jilin Outstanding Expert Managed by Province, Provincial Senior Expert, Provincial Experienced Senior Expert, Personnel with Distinctive Contributions of Province, Provincial Top-notch Innovative (Level two) Personnel, etc. He is a member of Experts Committee of Sustainable Development Experimental Region at State Level of Ministry of Science and Technology, director of Chinese Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Sciences, director of Soil Science Society of China, member of Specialized Committee for Saline-alkali Soil and Ecological Professional committee for Soil; the President of Jilin Soil Science Society, Vice President of Provincial Cultivation Society, member of the 9th Academic Board of Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Northeast Innovation Center for Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology).

Undertaking more than 20 major programs including Chinese National Programs for Science and Technology Development, international joint research between China and Japan, national "863" Plan, National Sci-Tech Support Plan, Scientific Research and Special Funds of Ministry of Agriculture, National Water Special Program, Natural Science Foundation of China, Science and Technology Department of Jilin Province. Obtained 6 First Prizes, 6 Second Prizes and 1 Third Prize at provincial and ministerial level for his scientific achievements; he respectively won 1 First Prize and 1 Third Prize for Provincial-level Promotion of Scientific and Technological Achievements.

Giving lectures to graduate students for courses including Edaphology, High Pedology, Advances in Soil Science, Soil Chemistry of Plant Nutrition, Plant Nutrition Seminar, etc. Cultivated more than 100 doctors and postgraduates. Published more than 200 papers. Edited 2 textbooks of Edaphology, and published 6 academic works.

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