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Li Haiyan

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Li Haiyan

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Life Science

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Studies on Omics of Oil Crops (such as soybean) and Molecular Breeding

Personal E-mail: hyli99@163.com

Office phone: 0431-84532885


Li Haiyan, female, born in April, 1971, Doctor, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Leading Science and Technology Innovation Talent of first batch of national "Ten Thousand Plan", Excellent New-century Talent listed by the Ministry of Education, Leading Talent in Middle-aged and Young Science and Technology Innovation of Innovative Talent Promotion Plan launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Candidate for Jilin top-notch Innovative Talent, "subject-leading professor" in universities and colleges of Jilin Province, Leading Person of Innovative Ream for universities and colleges of Jilin Province. Used to be a Visiting Scholar at University of Tokyo and University of California. Now, the President of Chinese Society of Biotechnology and Jilin Society Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Standing President of Jilin Research Society of Biomass Resource Utilization, member of IAPB, Female Scientist Branch of Chinese Society of Plant Physiology and Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Editorial Board Member of the magazine, Plant Molecular Breeding. At present, the Academic Leader of Crop Biology Technologies and Dean of College of Life Science, Jilin Agricultural University.

In scientific researches, occupied in studies on oil crop (like soybean) omics, molecular breeding and development of oil body bioreactor and has obtained significant innovation products in soybean drought control, molecular mechanism of saline-alkaline tolerance, creation and development of special germplasm resources, development of oil body bioreactor and product development etc. The first one, both at home and abroad, to conduct complete genome sequencing over safflower carthamus; also performed re-sequencing on wild soybean and complete genome correlation analysis, locating 15 character-related genes, including production, drought resistance, salt tolerance, herbicide resistance, protein and fatty acid etc.; created 5 new soybean germplasms which are adverse-resistant and high in oil production and have gained middle test permission of trans-gene material from the Ministry of Agriculture; successfully created plant oil body bioreactor platform and conquered key technology problems like low foreign protein expression quantity in plant expression, purification difficulty and high cost etc; also developed 5 medicinal protein for repairing external wounds, including FGFs, a fibroblast cell grow factor, and EGF, a epidermal growth factor.

In teaching and talent cultivation, has been insisting on "fostering talents and conducting scientific innovation at the same time", feeding back teaching using scientific researches, influencing and leading teaching activities by virtue of high-level researches. In recent years, has been teaching 4 courses for graduated and master degree candidates, including Principles of Gene Engineering, Research Technologies of Gene Engineering, Operation Technology of Molecular Biology and Progress of Life Science Researches etc. She has supervised 67 doctors and masters in total, including 5 doctors (2 Pakistanis) and 62 masters (50 masters and 12 master degree candidates).

In recent years, has directed 12 national or provincial projects, including those of national "863" plan, major and special national funds for fostering trans-gene new biological types and national science foundation; edited (as main editor or participator) 3 works; published 85 research papers (26 of which have been included by SCI); authorized 14 invention patents; awarded with 5 prizes including First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress, First Prize of Jilin Technology Invention, First Prize for academic products in natural science of Jilin Province, Jilin Youth Science and Technology and Changchun Science and Technology Progress; alsothe draft reviewer of about 10 SCI periodicals like PLoS One, BMC Plant Biology and Gene etc; has reported for several times on many academic conferences at home and abroad.

Professional Affiliations

(1)Director of Chinese Society of Biotechnology

(2)Managing Director of Jilin Institute of Biomass Resources Utilization

(3)Director of Jilin Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

(4)Member of Genetics Society of China

(5)Member of International Federation of Plant Biotechnology

(6)Member of Women Scientists Branch of China Plant Physiology Institute

(7)Member of Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

(8)Editorial Board Member of Magazine Plant Molecular Breeding


(1)"Exploration of Plants' Important Gene Resources and Creation of Soybeans' Peculiar Germplasm as well as Breeding of New Variety", First Prize of Jilin Scientific and Technological Invention, 2014

(2)"Jilin Youth Science and Technology Prize", 2014

(3)"Study and Application of key Technologies of such Bioreactors as Safflower Oil", First Prize of Jilin Scientific and Technological Invention, 2011

(4)"Study and Application of key Technologies of such New Bioreactors as Vegetable Oil Body", First Prize of Changchun Science and Technology Progress Award, 2011

(5)"Exploration of Plant Stress Resistance Gene and Study of its Regulation Mechanism", First Prize of Jilin Academic Achievements in Natural Science, 2012

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