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Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Agriculture

Title: Professor (LevelII)

Research Direction: fungus crops

Personal E-mail: Junwusuo@126.com

Office Phone:13689814591

Tolgor, male, born in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, in November 1962, Mongol Nationality, Doctor of Agriculture, Professor (Level II) from College of Agriculture, Jilin Agricultural University, Doctoral Supervisor, Academic Leader of Doctoral Program in Fungus Crops, Taishan Scholar, Foreign Academician from Mongolia Academy of Natural Sciences, Leader of the Innovation Team on "Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Fungus Resources" Launched by the Ministry of Education.

Engaged in studies on fungi diversity and has put forward and improved catalogue on fungi diversity and its conservation including fungi species (macro fungi represented), species diversity and maintenance mechanism, correlation between community and environmental factor, grading of endangered fungi, mechanism of being endangered as well as solutions etc. Besides, collected more than 15 thousand fungi specimen, found over 120 domestic newly-recorded fungi and more than300 provincial and district newly-recorded fungi, named 2 new genus and 25 new species, providing fundamental data for the study and understanding of fungi diversity in China and basis for the development and utilization of edible and medicinal fungi resources as many species has been successfully naturalized.


1982—1987 Department of Biology, Inner Mongolia Normal University, Undergraduate

1987—1990 Department of Biology, Northeast Normal University, Postgraduate of Plant Classification Trade

1990—1995 Plant Teaching and Research Office, College of Agriculture, Jilin Agricultural University, Teaching Assistant

1995—1998 College of Agriculture, Jilin Agricultural University, Lecturer; meanwhile, Doctoral Candidate of Crop Cultivation and Farming, taught by Academician Li Yu; exceptionally promoted as Assistant Professor in 1997

1998-now works at College of Agriculture, Jilin Agricultural University and focuses on studies on Fungus Classification and Diversity. Obtained his Doctor's degree in 1998; 1998—1999 went to Japan to major in Fungus Sciences and Agricultural Technologies by The national Ministry of personnel; exceptionally promoted as Professor in 2000; selected as Doctoral Supervisor in 2003; 2008—2013 hired as "Taishan Scholar" (concurrently) by the People's Government of Shandong Province.

Professional Affiliations:

CPPCC member of Jilin Province, standing committee member for Jilin Province of China Democratic League, Deputy chairman of Changchun Municipal Party Committee, director of Mycological Society of China, standing committee member for expert committee of China Edible Fungi Association, director of edible fungi branch for Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies, editorial board member for Mycosystema and Journal of Fungal Research, honorary chairman of Mongolian Culture and EconomicSociety of Jilin Province.


Silver Prize for National Excellent Works (Books) of Science Popularization Writers Association (2014)

First Prize (2015), Second Prize (2014) and Third Prize (2011) of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award

Third Prize of Natural Science of Jilin Province (2013)

Winner of honorary title as Advanced Model Individual for 6thNational Reconciliation of the State Council (2014)

Published over 110 papers on periodicals, such as Mycosystema, Acta Ecologica Sinica, Mycotaxon and Fungal Diversity etc., academic works on fungi diversity and resources, including A Colorful World of Mushrooms (2011, only author; South Korean version 2014), Conservation and Utilization of Mushroom Biology Diversity in Shandong Province (2014, first author), Chinese Medicinal Fungi (2013, co-author), Picture Records on Chinese Large-scale Fungi Resources (2015, co-author) etc., and the chief editor of Volume of Oyster-cap Family, Volume of Stropharia Rugosannulata Family and Volume of Inocybe Caesariata Fr in Chinese Flora.

Besides, he has been teaching several specialized courses, such as Fungal Resources and Fungi Classification and System, for graduates, post-graduates and doctoral candidates. 60 post-graduates and doctoral candidates are under his guidance and papers from many of his students have been awarded excellent academic dissertation of Jilin Province and Jilin Agricultural University. He has also guided 8 majors or superior visiting scholars from outside the country.

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