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Guo Qinghai

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Guo Qinghai

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: School of Economics and Management

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Agricultural Economic Theories and Policies

Personal E-mail: gws55@sina.com

Office Phone: 13943186308

Guo Qinghai, male, born in 1955 in Jiaohe City of Jilin Province; Second-level Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Director of Rural Economic Research Center for Major Grain Producing Areas of Jilin Agricultural University.

ResumeApril 1968-September 1981: Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Baicheng in Jilin Province, Technician

September 1981-March 1985: Jilin Agricultural University, Lecturer

April 1985-June 1988: Jilin Agricultural University, Assistant Professor

June 1988-June 1992: Jilin Agricultural University, Vice Principal/Assistant Professor

July 1992-January 1995: Jilin Agricultural University, Principal/Professor

January 1995-Semtember 2004: Jilin Agricultural University, Doctoral Supervisor, Principal/Professor

January 1996-February 1996: National Museum of Nature and Science of Japan, Senior Visiting Scholar/Professor

February 1996-October 1996: Royal Botanic Gardens (kew), Senior Visiting Scholar/Professor

September 2004-now: Jilin Agricultural University, Doctoral Supervisor/Professor

Professional Affiliations:Vice-chairman of Chinese Association of Agricultural Economics, President of Jilin Association of Agricultural Economics, member of Agriculture and Forestry Economic Management Discipline Appraisal Group of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, member of Professional Teaching Instruction Committee for Agriculture and Forestry Economic Management of the Ministry of Education, part-time professor of Jilin University, Changchun University of Science and Technology and Jilin University of Finance and Economics.

Awards30 national level and provincial awards, including 1 Second Prize of National Excellent Teaching Results, 3 First Prizes of Provincial Excellent Teaching Results, 3 First Prizes of Provincial Excellent Results of Social Sciences, 1 First Prize of Provincial Natural Science and Academic Achievements, 1 Second Prize and 1 Third Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Soft Science, 1 First Prize of Changchun Social Sciences, 19 Second Prizes and Third Prizes of Provincial and Changchun Results of Social Sciences and Teaching Results. Holder of special allowance of the State Council, Expert with Distinctive Contributions in Jilin Province, Expert with Distinctive Contributions in Changchun City, Senior Expert of Jilin Province, Famous Teacher of Jilin Province, National Excellent Scientific and Technical Worker.

Presided over and completed more than 50 scientific research projects, including Natural Science Foundation of China and projects of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Agriculture, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Japanese Ministry of Education, national ministries and commissions and soft science and social science project of Jilin Province. Issued more than 160 academic paper in academic journal at home and abroad and many papers were reprinted by domestic famous abstract journals. Issued 3 academic monographs, and edit and issued 11 teaching materials. Devoted to research of agricultural economy theory and policy in more than 30 years of academic career and conducted researches on construction of commodity grain base, comprehensive development of major grain producing areas, comprehensive production capacity of major grain producing areas and corn economy. Good at research of major grain producing areas problems and form scientific research features and advantages in this research domain. Adhering to the scientific research idea of serving local economic construction in long term and research agricultural economic problems through province-circumstance. Provided many high quality consulting reports adopted by related national departments, Jilin Provincial Government and Changchun Municipal Government and makes outstanding contributions to scientific decision-making of government. As a subject leader for primary doctor subject of agriculture and forestry economic management of Jilin Agricultural University, presiding over discipline construction. Cultivated more than 100 masters and doctoral candidates. Responsible for Rural Economy Research Center for Major Grain Producing Areas of Jilin Agricultural University, and the center has become provincial level humanity base with regional characteristics and research result characteristics. Led agriculture and forestry economic management subject and the subject has become brand subject of Jilin Province and national level characteristic subject.

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