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Qin Guixin

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Qin Guixin

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: Animal Science and Technology College

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Comparative Animal Nutrition and Anti-nutritional Factors of Fodder

Personal E-mail: qgx@jlau.edu.cn

Office Phone: 0431-84533506


Doctor of Netherlands Wageningen Agricultural University, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Principal of Jilin Agricultural University, leader of first-level discipline in zootechny. Deputy Director General of Animal Husbandry Management Bureau of Jilin Province and Vice Principal of Jilin Agricultural University in the past. Working on teaching, scientific research and management of animal nutrition and feed science and beasts and birds production technology in long time. Undertook seminar of animal nutrition and feed science, graduate student class such as animal nutrition and immune and undergraduate classes such as pig production. Cultivated nearly one hundred of doctors and postgraduate students. Put forward some new understandings on "comparative animal nutrition" after research nutrient substance requirement features of different species of animals systematically and profoundly. Explained interaction between animal hereditary basis and feed nutritive peculiarity in details and it promotes optimization of resource allocation and promoted economy of animal husbandry. Invited to participate in review and construction of national and local science and technology and animal husbandry economy projects such as national 973 review, national science and technology awards, significant project of animal husbandry economy in Jilin Province. Made great contribution to senior talent cultivation of animal husbandry technology, significant technology resolution and animal husbandry economy construction.

Professional AffiliationsDirector of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, member of Animal Husbandry Subject Appraisal Group of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, Vice Director of Professional Teaching Instruction Committee for Animal Production of Institution of Higher Learning of Ministry of Education, Vice Chairman of Jilin Science and Technology Association, the 12th National People's Congress representative, member of the 4th Policy-making Consulting Committee of Jilin Provincial Government.

AwardsScientific researches won 1 Second Prize of National Scientific and Technology progress, 2 First Prizes and 3 Second Prizes of Jilin Scientific and Technology progress, 1 First Prize and 1 Second Prize of Jilin Natural Academic Achievements. Teaching results won 1 First Prize and 1 Second Prize for Provincial-level Teaching Results of Higher Education in Jilin Province. Winner for many honors such as National Excellent Scientific and Technical Worker, National "Million Talent Engineering", special allowance of State Council, Senior Expert of Jilin Province, Excellent Teacher of Jilin Province, "Young & Middle-aged Professional Technology Talent with Distinctive Contributions" in Jilin Province, Top-notch Innovative Talents of Jilin Province and Excellent Cooperation Supervisor of Post-doctoral in Jilin Province.

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