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Li Yu

Jilin Agricultural University

Affiliated in: College of Agriculture

Title: Professor

Research Direction: Mycology, Phytopathology, Crop Science of Fungus

Personal E-mail: yuli966@126.com

Office Phone: 0431-84532989

Li Yu, male, born in 1944, from Jinan City, Shandong Province, the Han nationality,member of CPC, a Master of Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Agriculture of University of Tsukuba in Japan, Academician of China Academy of Engineering, Foreign Academician of Russian Academy of Science. Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Jilin Agricultural University, Chairman of International Medicinal Mushroom Academy, member of Appraisal Group on Discipline for the Fourth, Fifth Academic Degrees Committee of State Council, Chief Editor of Journal of Fungal Research, editorial board member of Mycosystema (to 2009) and International Medicinal Mushroom, State-level Young & Middle-aged Technology (Management) Experts with Distinctive Contributions, National Excellent Educator and Scientific & Technical Worker, National Renowned Teacher, and Director of Breeding Laboratory of National Industry Technology System for Edible Fungi.

Li Yu has devoted to engineering technology and industrialization of fungi science and edible fungi for more than 30 years, researching and solving the difficulties of engineering technology of north edible fungus, and promoted industrial upgrading of edible fungi by combining basic theory and application technology, based on innovation results. He has successfully built genetic resources center of fungi at the front ranks of China; where only slime molds has been reported for more than 400 species, accounting for two-thirds of the world's known species, and 46 new species has been published; new species not named by Chinese, is 1/17 of the total number of new species internationally published in recent years; he has published 2 first-level monograph with "catalogue" which is unique in domestic and overseas, first English monograph of this field and Chinese Fungi Records-Slime Molds Volume. "Systematic study on representative species of slime mold" and "Systematics research on important slime molds groups" were respectively given the second prize of National Natural Science Award, first prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award. More than 50 breeds have been selected and cultivated in the filed of edible fungi and 6 have passed national check; he has creatively improved 8 key technologies such as black fungi cultivation under full sunshine and changed traditional cultivation mode; he has established 26 demonstration bases for production, promoted and demonstrated with "five in one" mode, guided and more than 8,000 person-time for technical backbone, mobilized 30,000 peasant households, spread more than 500 millions bags (fungi bag) as a total and created about 600 millions of direct economic benefit. He has published more than 500 papers in academic journals; where more than 70 has been included or referenced by "SCI", and more than 20 works of him has been published and 16 patents for invention has been authorized by state. He has established Engineering Research Center for Edible and Medicinal Fungi of Ministry of Education, founded academic journal "Research on Fungus", set up specialty as edible fungi and undergraduate major as applied biological sciences (edible and medicinal fungi direction), built a relevant doctoral station and postdoctoral research station which have become provincial and ministerial-level key discipline and state key laboratory (breeding base). He took the lead in China to form relatively complete personnel training system of fungi science and edible fungi engineering for specialist, undergraduate, master, doctor, post-doctor; his team was awarded as national excellent teaching group and innovative team of Ministry of Education; the achievement was given the second prize of State-Level Teaching Achievement Award. He has presided over and led his team to complete technology and engineering research of fungi such as more than 50 national and provincial-level projects including international cooperation pivots and surface projects of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, "973", "863", "948" and Natural Science Foundation of China. He has worked as a chairman to preside over 6 international and cross-strait academic conferences and made outstanding contributions to the cause of fungi for China.


Learning experience:

1962.09—1967.09 Agricultural College of Shandong Major: Plant Protection

1978.09—1981.07 Jilin Agricultural University, master. Major: Microorganism

1996.04—2000.04 University of Tsukuba, doctor. Major: Life and Environmental Science Research Section in Environmentology of Biosphere.

Work experience:

1968.04—1981.09 Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Baicheng, Jilin Province Technician

1981.09—1985.03 Jilin Agricultural University Lecturer

1985.04—1988.06 Jilin Agricultural University Assistant Professor

1988.06—1992.06 Jilin Agricultural University Assistant Principal / Assistant Professor

1992.07—1995.01 Jilin Agricultural University Principal / Professor

1995.01—2004.09 Jilin Agricultural University Doctoral Supervisor, Principal / Professor

1996.01—1996.02 National Museum of Nature and Science of Japan Senior Visiting Scholar / Professor

1996.02—1996.10 Kew Gardens (Kew) Senior Visiting Scholar / Professor

2004.09-Now Jilin Agricultural University Doctoral Supervisor / Professor

Professional Affiliations:

2009—Now Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

2005—Now Foreign Academician of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

2011—Now Honorary President of Mycological Society of China

1997—2008 Member of appraisal group on discipline for the fourth, fifth Academic Degrees Committee of State Council

2015—Now China Edible Fungi Association Honorary Chairman

1999—Now Edible and medicinal fungi of Jilin Province Chairman

2013—Now President of the First International Medical Fungi Society


(1)Won the Second Prize of State Natural Science Award for "Systematic Study on Representative Species of Slime Mold" and ranked the first in 2007.

(2)Won the First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award for "Selection and Breeding of New Species of Edible Fungi, Development of Matched High-yield Technique and Establishment of Industrialized Innovative System" and ranked the first in 2008.

(3)Won the First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award for "Systematics Research on Important Slime Molds" and ranked the first in 2002

(4)Won the second prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award for "New Cultivation Mode for North Editable Fungi with High Production and High Efficiency" and ranked the first in 2001.

(5)Won the Second Prize of State-Level Teaching Achievement Award for "Education Research and Practice of Industry-university-research Cooperation in Agricultural Colleges and Universities" and ranked the first in 2005.

(6)Won the First Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award for "Medicinal Fungi Resource and its Development &Utilization" and ranked the first in 2015.

(7)Won Dai Fanglan Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

(8)Won Ho Leung Ho Lee Science and Technology Progress Award in 2010.

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